Gundammmaaaa for kids

Assembling GunPla is my kids’ newest craze. Gundam Plastic is a Japanese plastic models which comes in parts and need to be cut and put together. It comes with a super detailed instructions and sometimes stickers for certain models. Instructions must be followed properly and also right tools should he used.

Gundam is definitely a toy for the big boys. It takes a lot of patience to build one, but a creative mind to visualize the by-product. For this same reason I want my kids to try and get their hands and mind busy with this. By doing this they learn to be patient, to control their excitement, and to follow instructions. And of course it takes them away from the screen for at least a few ours.

As first timers they are doing Gundam SD and Petit’G Guy HG. They were able to finish it help Dad’s help.

Video below.


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