Restaurants With a View Koh Lanta Thailand

The sunset

Sunset in Koh Lanta, Krabi Thailand is simply impressive.  Aside from the beautiful beaches Koh Lanta is famous for,  tourists would surely enjoy its magnificent sunset. You can truly say what an amazing world we live in as you witness the sunset gradually disappear into the horizon,  and the sky displays beautiful streaks of incredible red,  magenta,  and blue patterns.  The feel you get as you witness the entire place turns in warm,  orangy hue is simply overwhelming.

Koh Lanta Sunset


One of the best places to witness this,  aside from a lazy walk along the seashore,  is to have a very late afternoon tea or an early dinner in one of the restaurants along this side of the island. This sunset was taken while my family and I were in Ploy Pailin.


The Restaurant

Ploy Pailin Restaurant

Ploy Pailin, overlooking Kantiang Bay,  is at Baan Kantiang, which is located toward the South of Koh Lanta (around 30-40 minute drive from Salandan Village in the North where tourists arrive). This tiny restaurant is located by the roadside, standing right by the cliff, and Kantiang Bay is several feet below it. And so parking is definitely a big problem but somehow tourists who want to eat here are able to find ways to creatively park their vehicles ^_^. The restaurant serves both western and Thai food. We ordered spaghetti (almost $3 ), Khaw phat chicken (fried rice, a little over $2), and some milkshakes (almost $2). I think this is a fair price.  This place is next to the more famous Noon Sunset viewpoint.

Ploy Pailin is towards the Southern, quite, more serene part of Koh Lanta.  To the North are where most hotels and accomodations are located.  During our stay we stayed at Lanta Riviera Villa Resort and Hatzanda Lanta Resort both of which are kid friendly. We came during Songkran festival but surprisingly the place was not crowded.

So aside from Ploy Pailin and Noon Sunset Viewpoint, other restaurants with a nice view of the sunset is Diamond Grill and possibly Bamboo Bay Reception Restaurant.


Have you experienced sunset in Koh Lanta?

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9 thoughts on “Restaurants With a View Koh Lanta Thailand

  1. I haven’t been to Koh lanta however am curious now with this place. It would be shame not to pay a visit and also enjoy this amazing sunset.

  2. Love the sunset photo! We didn’t get to see this kind of majestic view when we visited Thailand, which makes me want to visit the country again. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to visit Thailand! I have had it on my bucket list for years and haven’t made it there yet. This restaurant looks amazing.

  4. Seeing the Koh Lanta sunset isn’t only to appreciate its beauty, serenity and peace of mind a man may receive, but to appreciate the God’s creation which isn’t only amazing but the reality of God’s presence thru His creation

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