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As a photographer nothing beats the feeling of honor and happiness when your photographs win a photo contest.  I am currently in multiple online photo contest and have won quite a few.  But despite all these winnings, being given these online awards and virtual plaques, there is that feeling of emptiness compared to that time when I won the Songkhla Zoo Photo Contest where I got to be given a plaque. Plaques and awards are honors in a tangible state.

Songkhla is one of the major cities in the south of Thailand.  As one of the tourist destinations of Songkhla, the zoo held an open photography contest to expats and local photographers alike to promote the place to both domestic and international tourists.  Photographers were asked to submit their best photos of the zoo in different categories like animals, people, zoo water parks, and zookeepers. Winners were given plaques and a free pass for a year.  The winning photos were used by Songkhla Zoo in their website, in tarpaulins, and other promotional advertorials.  As a photographer, I can’t help but feel proud looking at my photos in big prints.  It was also a great encouragement to go on with my passion, harness my photography skills in spite of the odds that might come my way.

Truly, the feeling of happiness you get from holding the custom plaque that represents your long hours of hard-work is just unfathomable. That very moment you share the happiness with the people who cherish and are equally proud of your success is simply priceless.

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2 thoughts on “My Plaque of Honor

  1. Mitchelle, I agree with what you said about plaques and awards being tangible honors. This year I am hoping to get some plaques for some of the workers at the office. We want to hand out some awards at the summer party this year. Then all of their hard work will be honored with a tangible award.

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