Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day in Thailand.

In my 8 years as a Mom,  I had been greeted by so many friends,  colleagues,  and even acquaintances on Mother’s Day but never  from my own child.  This year’s Mother’s day is different and special.  For the first time I received a Mother’s day letter from my daughter.  Here.

She wrote this in school,  and wanted to surprise me.  I felt a lump building up in my throat as I was reading it.  It is simple but the gesture is just so sweet.  Earlier when we went grocery shopping she bought me a bolster and a towel (which I paid for,  Lol).  It’s OK.  It’s really the thought that counts.  I was so touched!

And then later on she secretly made me another card complete with Thai translation ^_^.


Oh so sweet!


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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2017

  1. Hello Mitchelle!
    Greetings from Nepal! I found your blog very heartwarming. To be wished by your child is lifes’ greatest contentment. And you taught her dual language is very impressive! Keep on sharing ! All the love to you ! xx

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