Maternity Preparation: Expat’s Concern

Being a working expat we have limited support system.  Technically we’re on our own. With a child on the way my husband and I needed to have all things covered.

Both my kids were born in a hospital. I wouldn’t probably have it any other way since there were possibilities of Caesarian Section specially with my second child. Luckily though I had normal delivery for both despite the risks.

Here are some preparations we did.

  • Days before the delivery schedule, we mapped out the route to take from the house to the hospital taking into consideration time and traffic conditions.
  • Necessary things were all placed in one big bag to prevent cases of things getting lost or forgotten.
  • Pack only the essentials like mom’s going home clothings, sanitary napkins and toiletries (although these are provided), enough new born necessities – clothes,  diapers, baby wipes.
  • It would also be great to have hot packs to warm your mammary glands,  otherwise milk won’t come out and breastfeeding is painful (my nipples were bruised). Government hospitals are strictly implementing breastfeeding program. So formula milk is not allowed. But we sneaked in some,  no milk was coming out and my daughter was bawling her eyes out of hunger.  What can we do we’re parents.
  • Secure pertinent documents like passports,  work permit, and insurance card (I’ve got Prakansangkom, government insurance). And also a copy of house registration  (สำเนาทะเบียนบ้าน) is needed . Secure this from the house owner.
  • Prepare your baby’s name written in Thai letters on a piece of paper. Birth certificates are in Thai which require name written in Thai. So you would have to have it translated to English or your countries language for registration. Here’s how.

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13 thoughts on “Maternity Preparation: Expat’s Concern

  1. I’ve never thought about the difficulties of an expat in a foreign country… perhaps because it wouldn’t be so much of a problem if you were in Singapore! But Thailand is definitely somewhere you need to be careful!

  2. Indeed, this period needs lot of planning and still each day will spring some surprises. Motherhood is not easy right from the start to end.. Ha ha.

  3. helpful tips for expecting moms like me.. yes pertinent documents is truly need to be prepared too especially insurances for it will help save bills payable

  4. I fully understand your concern about giving birth in another country. You practically only have yourself to depend on, especially if your husband is at work. I am sure though that your maternal instinct and experience will pull you right through.

  5. I can’t imagine myself giving birth to other country, it feels a little bit scary and uncomfortable. I want my mom and other family members be with me before and after my delivery. Kudos to you for being brave.

  6. I think it’s really important to map out the steps when someone is about to give birth. It will keep you calm when the event happens and you won’t miss out on something.

  7. It is quite hard giving birth in another country, or maybe it is just me having lost in my thoughts. I have never tried givig birth in other country but I gave birth (normal) twice in here, PH, I am glad that Philhealth almost covered all our expenses and I have my mom to helo me take care of the kids afterwards.

  8. Thanks for sharing your tips, coz thats one of the many problems of expats. And its really difficult. Thats of the reasons some expats look for support group to help them guide for their new life in the city.
    And it is best if they have reliable insurance.

  9. It must be tough to give birth in a different country. My Mum wasn’t around when I gave birth (she works abroad) and I felt lost and confused that time. To think nasa Pilipinas lang ako noon! Iba talaga pag may support system ng immediate family.

    Hope you’re doing well, including the baby! 🙂

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