Free Milk in Schools

As children are the future citizens of the world their health should be of great concern.  And what could be a more fitting way to promote good health among children than providing them with free milk in schools. This is a health program by governments of countries the world over including the UK, the Philippines, British Columbia, Canada, and Thailand.  Despite its benefits and noble nature, there are different political issues of some sort surrounding this program – corruption, milk quality, milk suppliers, budget and allocation, and many others to name a few. However, as hundreds of thousands of children have availed and have improved health condition every year, this should be  given priority and attention.

Milk is very nutritious.  Many believe in its role in building strong bones, which is not far from the truth. The body uses several nutrients, not just one, in doing whatever metabolism it needs to accomplish for normal body functions.  And milk provides the necessary minerals needed in building and repairing bones. It is a very good source of protein, calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium, which all contribute to having healthy bones. It also is a great source of water, which is rich in vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin B complex.

In Thailand, School Milk Program (SMP) was implemented and got full support from central government in 1992.  Since then school children are given free milk for 230 days annually.  Since there are only 180-200 school days in a year, each child gets 1 box of milk to be brought home during the holidays. Foreign children who are born in Thailand and are studying here, get to enjoy this as well.

Thai government looks after the welfare of its citizen by providing useful services like the Batprakansangkom which is extremely useful. And for the future of the nation, Thai government will hopefully always look after their health and welfare.


So mainly this program aims to promote healthy growth in children. However, it is part of the program to outsource milk from local farmers, and so as a consequence this has tremendously boosts the income of local farmers.

Free Milk in Schools

My kids love this. In fact they prefer this over formula milk. They’re lucky.  I don’t remember getting any free milk during my primary school days in the Philippines.  Have you?


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11 thoughts on “Free Milk in Schools

  1. This is so awesome. Honestly speaking, milk should be free in pre school. It’s important to drink milk instead of pack juice.

  2. I love milk myself. I am glad that my kids also grew up loving milk as well. I am not sure if school children here get a free serving of milk in their lunches. I suspect they might be getting juice instead, not good since these are sugared.

  3. In Malaysia, government school will offer milk for students too. But only for the primary school students. I remember I was so excited to get mine everytime but always prayed to get the chocolate flavor! Haha~~

  4. That sounds like a wonderful initiative! Here in several parts of India, we have something called the mid day meals scheme that provides economically disadvantaged kids with healthy meals along with milk as well!!! Hats off to our governments for doing this!

    1. Thailand got a similar one, free lunch. These programs are for all school children. But looking after kids from impoverished families is equally great and noble too.

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