Day Camp @Samila Sheep Farm

In the morning I called out “Sheep Farm Day!”, Summer and Derick woke up without any fuss at all, none whatsoever.  They were very excited.  This is their first camping together with their friends.  What made this even more exciting for them was that they had to wear rubber boots! It is the rainy season, and the soil is wet.  Just like Peppa Pig and George, they wanted to jump in muddy puddles, which they’ve been pleading to do for days. Finally, they had done so in the camp. They both had a blast.

The teachers painted their faces.  They participated in some team building activities in the morning. Summer was re-united with her old friend, Lookaew. They were inseparable the whole day.  Lunch was served by the farm, they all ate and shared halal food.


In the afternoon, they headed for a nature walk around the area which is full of pine trees.  It is a pretty vast area for tiny legs to hike, but my little ones did not complain. After which, they went to the sheep farm.  Summer fed the animals, but Derick just sat on the damp soil tired from the walk.  They, then, had a short tour of the surrounding places on a tram. They went home that day tired, but very happy.


Day Camp @Samila Sheep Farm Slideshow


How important is it for kids to be engaged in outdoor activities?



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26 thoughts on “Day Camp @Samila Sheep Farm

  1. I’m not a mom, but I think outdoor activities are important for kids (and for anyone, really) because it’s where they will learn the things that are not within the confines of their homes and classrooms. The outdoors will constantly tickle their curiosity and make them hungry to learn even more. 🙂

  2. woot! woot! looks like you had fun with your kiddos! i wish my son and I can do that soon too! i believe outdoor activities are important for kids aside from healthy benefits, it makes them more aware of the environment!

    1. Younger kids like Summer (5 yo) and Derick (2 yo) attended just the day camp. Bigger kids stayed for the night. The younger kids were very well looked after by the staff. So we didn’t have any worries.

  3. We haven’t experienced camping yet. I hope soon because my son joined Kid Scout in school. It looks like they really had fun in Sheep Farm.

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