Creative Minds

It is just so incredible how people can be so creative and ingenious. This, my friends,  is definitely one.  They turned a mini-truck into an awesome, moving restaurant.

A moving restaurant

As you can see the top is converted into a mini kitchen. A cute lift is attached at the side to serve the food down in the main part of the car which serves as the dining area.  Ingenious!

How amazing is this huh?!

Earlier that day my kids were on a Mr. and Miss Maker mood (inspired by The Mister Maker kiddie show).  They turn this tiny plastic medicine bottle into a prop plane, with a spinner toy for a propeller and pikachu as the pilot….hmmm.

Creative?  Imaginative?

How do we encourage creativity in children?

  1. Allow ample amount for play time – play pretend with others, or extracurricular and outdoor activities.
  2. Often children talk to themselves, assume a role and act like they are in a different world. Do not disrupt this or give a negative feedback.
  3. Appreciate their drawings, crafts, or creations.
  4. Let them do things on their own.  Do not provide easy answer let them find it.
  5. Buy toys that needed to be assembled or built like Lego or Plastic Model Gundam.


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9 thoughts on “Creative Minds

  1. I just love what kids do with their imaginations and creativity! I’m always amazed at what our boys come up with when they create their own fun 🙂 It’s great you captured what your littles created.

  2. Wow!! Such a talented and creative way to transform a bottle to a prop plane. Such a creative mind!! 🙂

  3. Well, it’s not impossible for the Filipino. Their ingenuity works anything under the sun is made productive, useful and income-generating. That’s the Filipino identity.

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