6 Mountain Bike Accessories You Can’t Ever Leave at Home Again

You love the adrenaline rush, right?


But do you ever really think about the consequences of your ride? In San Diego mountain bikes can be seen everywhere as people enjoy their favorite hobby. But how many of them are missing out on the ultimate ride or are dangers to themselves or others?


These mountain bike accessories will solve most of the problems.


Bike Cleaner

You may think mountain bikes are supposed to be full of dirt and grime. But maintenance on any item is essential, and not only for aesthetic reasons. If you don’t look after your bike you’ll waste money. Wear and tear will happen faster & there will be more friction. You’ll have to replace parts often.


Clean equipment works better. Your bike will respond fast, making you less of a danger on the road.


You can clean your bike with professional products or by spraying on a soapy mixture of your own.


A Repair Stand

Most of the time it’s simply easier to take your bike to the professionals. Working on it yourself is cumbersome.


But not if you invest in a repair stand. Some of them are collapsible so you can take yours to the track. If you need to clean or repair anything having the bike stable and in an elevated position will make your task easier.


If you’re serious about San Diego mountain bikes adventures, be serious about looking after your bike.


Chain Breaker

The importance of having tools is obvious. But putting a multi tool in your pocket is not enough for mountain biking.


A common problem with bikes is when a chain twists or breaks. And a chain can easily be fixed but only if you have a chain breaker on hand. This tool enables you to separate the chain in a certain spot and also to mend it.


You know how important a functioning chain is. If you don’t keep this tool with you, you’ll end up carrying your bike more than it carries you.


A Dropper Seat Post

This item may seem a bit too luxurious for mountain biking. But don’t focus on the luxury of a dropper seat post. Think of how it enhances your riding.


If you control the height of your seat from your handle bars all future inclines will waste less of your time. You can find the perfect seating position to help you peddle better without even stopping to adjust it. In rough terrain where it’s riskier to stop than to keep going, you’ll be thankful you invested in this accessory.


A Bike Carrying Handle

Where is your next ride? If you’re planning to go to a rough track you should consider a mountain bike handle. It attaches to your frame without influencing your riding experience. When you have to pick up your bike—whether you’re traversing stairs or mountainous terrain—you’ll use less of your precious energy because carrying it will be more comfortable.


Technological Gadgets

Technology brought us many gadgets and machines. And some of them are worth including as mountain bike accessories.


Get a phone mount. Yes, mountain biking is ideal to get away from the bustle of modern society. But you never know when you’ll get lost or hurt. You’ll be thankful you have somewhere to turn to.


Here’s another idea. Use an app on your Smartphone to track your progress so you can become a better rider than ever before. Only by tracking your performance will you know where you need improvement.


This list is not simply for the professional riders. Without the necessary tools to look after yourself your bike adventures can turn into nightmares. Be smart and plan ahead. On the day when everything goes wrong you’ll be thankful you did.

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Real Time Lightning Tracker Monitors Thunderstorms

Many people are scared of lightning and thunder. I have seen people shutting tight their eyes and plugging both their ears with their fingers when the lightning flashes. There are others who are fascinated with lightning and thunder. Some think that lightning is beautiful. Whichever group we belong to, we all know that lightning can be very dangerous and may cause serious damage to lives and properties.

Some places are more prone to lightning strikes and some forest fires were caused by lightning. It is reported that many lightning strike survivors claims that just before they were struck by lightning, they felt their hair standing on end. There is a possible risk of being struck by lightning when using a corded phone during a thunderstorm. You may find it difficult to believe but lightning can strike even when the sky is blue and not necessary dark and threatening.

If you like to watch lightning, do so from behind closed glass window, in the safety of your home or office. Try to get out of open space as fast as you can and stay indoors with windows closed. If you happened to be in your car, keep all the windows closed and stay away from any metal parts of the car.

Anyone can install a real time lightning tracker app on a mobile phone to find out if there is a possibility of a lightning near you or where it would be. With the app, you can monitor the movement and intensity of thunderstorms on a map and see how close they are to your area. The app will also send notifications whenever a strike is detected in your area to allow you time to get to safety or remain indoors. Most of these apps are highly reliable, providing accurate alerts if lightning is close to your area by using the latest data from global weather models combined with high-resolution lightning data.

Most of the lightning tracker apps share some common key features.

  • Display global thunderstorm and lightning strikes details on a real time lightning strike map
  • Display history of lightning strikes hotspots
  • Forecast thunderstorm movement and intensity
  • Send notifications to alert of nearby storm for live monitoring purposes.
  • Send alert messages before lightning is expected near your location.
  • Display accurate location of lightning using high quality weather data combine with high resolution lightning data.
  • Enable sharing with friends of approaching storms and lightning.

Be informed of possible thunderstorms and lightning strikes in your area with a lightning tracker on your mobile phone.

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5 Features You Might Like to Have in a Family Car

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5 Features You Might Like to Have in a Family Car

Investing in a family car is a crucial decision to make for an average family like ours. My husband and I had a long discussion on what kind of car to get to replace our aging Nissan Sentra, even the make of the car was researched and compared. The time invested on research and review-comparisons did not go to waste as we are now currently enjoying the services of a reliable, fuel efficient, road worthy vehicle, the Toyota Vios/Yaris. It has been 5 years since.

The Toyota Vios (Asia) or Yaris (USA) is a B- Segment sedan. For a family of 4 it is more than enough to take the kids to school and drive it going to the office. On road trips this car just gives you that sense of confidence on the road knowing you are in a reliable car. This compact sedan is also easy to drive and easy to park. Fuel efficiency is also one of the reasons why my husband and I agreed to get it. We love road trips so the more fuel efficient the car is the better.

However as our kids grow our family activities are also getting diverse and we somehow feel that we are outgrowing the functionalities of our vehicle. Our kids love to ride their bicycles around the city park but we could barely fit one bicycle in the boot let alone two. So we ride in discomfort with one bicycle in the boot and one inside the car placed on the backseat. This is a dangerous set-up and we don’t want to be doing this for a long time.


So we are now in search for a vehicle that would cater to the demands of a growing family.  Cars.com is certainly a great help, as they have got wide selections to choose from. We are eyeing 3 time-tested car brands with their respective MPV offerings – the Toyota Avanza, the Honda Mobilio and the Suzuki Ertiga.

Below, we have delineated must haves in our family car.  Although based on our personal preferences, these nevertheless might be features that you would want to consider in your new car.


The reason why we are eyeing these three MPVs are as follows:

  1. Huge boot space – As I have mentioned our kids are into biking and we need that space for the bicycles. And not only that, we could use that boot space when we are on a road trip for our suitcases and a whole lot of other stuff that we like to bring with us on the road.
  2. Third row seats– Some may say third row seats are not that important but it is. We have experienced so many times driving with our kids on our laps because we have guests and we don’t have enough seats. And that is very dangerous.
  3. Cup holders– Now many may think of this as petty but it is definitely not if you have kids onboard all the time. Surely, most parents with young kids are with us on this. Anyway, this petty little feature is one of the things lacking in our reliable car and it is pretty annoying.
  4. Reclining middle row seats– This is a must for long distance trips. Your passengers will be more comfortable a bit reclined while on a long journey as to sitting upright the whole time.
  5. Price– For middle class families like us we are also very concerned with the price. SUVs can very well solve all our vehicle problems but would surely kill our finances. These three cars we are eyeing have some of the traits of an SUV for a lot less.

Now we are still on the process of choosing which of the three we would get. We would go through the same process of comparing specs and reviews of these MPVs before we decide to put our money down.


For parents out there with plans on buying a family car, what features do you consider important? Do we have similar preferences?


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Guitar Wall Mount

Guitar Wall Mount

Having guitars and bass guitars on floor stands in a small room is kind of a hassle. The fear of knocking them over is always there and of course knocking them over is always a possibility. The continuous need to move them around as you walk around your room increases the probability of your precious instruments getting damaged. Having a guitar wall mount saves you from this hassle. These guitar wall mounts are easy to install and are very reliable. There are plenty of Guitar wall mount at musiciansfriend.com. 

Even for musicians who have tons of room to spare, these wall mounts can be very pleasing to the eyes once they are lined up on a wall with all of your beautiful guitars and bass guitars mounted on the walls.

How would these guitar wall mounts fit into the total looks of your house?

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Take Your Outdoor Exercise to the Next Level

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Take Your Outdoor Exercise to the Next Level

For health buffs,  staying healthy and staying in shape is everything.

It is one of the essential things that keep them going. Some may just be contented to go out in the park, jog and  run while there are others who find inspiration in using outdoor exercise equipment.  Outdoor exercise is the trend nowadays,  more and more people find outdoor exercise actually appealing and beneficial. In fact, some find it encouraging.

To keep the momentum going,  enthusiasts however have to take outdoor exercise to a whole new level by using professional outdoor fitness equipment.  Jumping onto this bandwagon could be the best decision you could ever make.

It is a trend that will surely stay for a long time. Let’s take a look at some of the cool professional fitness equipment in town.

Outdoor Variable Loading Weight Equipment
With seven choices for every health needs – calf, leg extension, pec fly, pull down, pull up, push up, and squat


Street Workout Equipment
With as many as 9 combos to choose from


Outdoor Hydraulic Cylinder Equipment
With 5 different hydraulic line up to suit your needs and preference


All these professional outdoor fitness equipment are built with the best quality in mind.  All are made of high grade steel, painted with special zinc powder, and they come with stainless steel bolts and nuts. Aside from these, they are fully UV resistant.

Having outdoor exercise equipment is like having a gym outside in the community is in fact a good thing.  Seeing them there creates a psychological need in individuals to try them and exercise.

Are you big on exercising outdoor?

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Every now and then, my family has some sort of theme song which is our favorite for that time being. I remember “September” being played and sang almost everyday in the house and even in the car. The rich sound of the song would really have you sing and dance. It’s something that only a saxophone can do.

Saxophones are quite a rare thing here, gladly though there are many choices from wwbw instrument store. It’s great to have my kiddos exposed to as many musical instruments as possible, so they would be able to decide well on what to choose to play and concentrate on later.

What is your favorite brasswind instrument?


I’ll Return Back Your LOVE



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What’s good cleaner For Your Mac System?


There are numerous cleaners available for Mac systems all across the Mac software stores on the web, but only a few that are developed by Apple are the best. The reason that you must prefer the company made software to use on your Mac is because they are backed completely by the technical-support. That is essentially necessary to be in your list of software, if you need a good cleaner for your system. However, other software developers and studios are also coming up with products of their own; for Mac systems. Some of them don’t stand a chance, but Movavi is one studio that has been well appreciated by the Mac users for its multiple Mac compatible products. The fact that this studio develops software that enable a Mac user to expatiate his work more accurately and comfortably on the system; makes it more perfect in every sense. Furthermore, the cost for each software is pretty reasonable and within the budget of the user.

What’s special about Movavi product for Mac?

Right now the studio is in its final stage in developing a full version of Mac cleaner, which will clean up everything that you want; optimize whatever you want and also speed up the system. Though the chances of your Mac running slow is very minimum, but if it does run slow; then it means that your system does need the necessary clean up. This includes deleting the unused registry as well as the cache files, logs, duplicates, cookies and all the other junk; which takes up the space on the hard disk. Mac Cleaner of Movavi is meant for the Mac OS X, which promises to completely remove the junk and increase the performance of your system manifold. It is designed to deliver the finest cleaning that you have always wanted, but couldn’t get from the available software.

This software allows you to clear the entire system on automatic mode. The unneeded applications, widgets, plugging and extensions would not just be uninstalled; but they would be absolutely removed off the system. This is not possible by the standard programs for cleaning, which restricts themselves only to uninstall the programs, but the files still remain in the hard disk; hidden and capturing space. All the oversized and unnecessary archived files that you don’t need any longer, can be found and removed permanently with this software.

What it offers?

It does many things for your Mac system, but the primary things that it offers you are;

  • Tidying up your entire hard disk and freeing the much needed space on it
  • Wiping clear the logs, caches and the leftover files from the uninstalled applications
  • Emptying and erasing trash folders on your system
  • Optimizing the program loading time of your system by removing all the unnecessary data and applications
  • The intuitive interface of the program is pretty clear to allow the user to do the job with utmost ease

Hence, picking up Movavi would always be the right choice. Take it, use it and experience the performance on your Mac.




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iPhone 2500mAh Leopard Mobile External Power Battery Giveaway





One lucky reader of MitchRyan’s Blog is going to win an iPhone 2500mAh Leopard Mobile External Power Battery courtesy of Everbuying.com, where buying means saving forever.


Everbuying is a leading global retailer which is known for giving their valuable customers big discounts and lowest factory direct wholesale prices.  They have a wide range of merchandises from high end electronics to the latest fashion in town.  They offer free worldwide shipping of their products.


As always, MitchRyan’s Blog gives an easy to complete entries.  All you need is to complete the 9 very short entries in the rafflecopter below.


Duration:  October 20 to November 20, 2013


Eligibility:  This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide.


Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries via Rafflecopter. Winners will be contacted via email.  Once the winners have been confirmed, they will be announced on this page. No purchase or shipping fee necessary. Participant must be 18 years or older to enter.

Have fun.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This is a sponsored post brought to you by everbuying.com.  All of the opinions expressed here are completely my own. I am compensated with one  iPhone 2500mAh Leopard Mobile External Power Battery.


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