Life Starts At 40

There’s some truth in “Life starts at 40”.

A relatively healthy person frequents clinics or hospitals during his 30’s.  Pains and sickness seem to appear out of nowhere during this time. If these symptoms are left unattended could complicate into something serious, as often told by doctors to patients.  Our body is like a car.  After the warranted years, bolts loosen up and parts wore off.  As we near our 40’s, people start thinking of lifestyle change such as quit smoking, limit alcohol in-take, engaging oneself in a regular exercise, and eating healthy.  Reasons vary.

For us, we want to live long enough to see our kids grow and attain stability in life, and if our bodies permit maybe meet our grandchildren.

Among the lifestyle changes mentioned above, the latter two are the most challenging for us.  But since we need to start afresh on our 40’s we have to take on the needed changes.

  • Exercise your way to a healthy you.  We are home buddies and a bit of couch potatoes, sadly.  Up until this time we haven’t settle on a regular exercise routine.  Aside from this, we also found our super structured schedule 24/7 a great hindrance. We hope to get our acts together on this ASAP.
  • You are what you eat, so eat healthy.  We LOVE to eat. The health issues we are facing at the moment is food related. So this is definitely the first thing in the MUST Change List.

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Is exercising at home really as good as going to the gym?
Is exercising at home really as good as going to the gym?
Take the Gym Outside
Take the Gym Outside

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Fried Egg with Veggies

Fried Egg with Veggies
Fried Egg with Veggies

Egg is one of the most nutritious food on the planet.  It contains nutrients that work wonders for the brain and has antioxidants. There is really no true measure of how much is too much when it comes to eating eggs.  According to, a perfectly healthy person can safely consume 3 whole eggs per day.  This is great news for us.  We love eggs. I as a mom, particularly love them because they are easy to prepare.

I also thought of taking advantage of the fact that my kids love eggs by putting in vegetables.

So here it is…


What do we need?

2 large eggs

1 tbsp. fish sauce

vegetable oil

carrots and broccoli (minced, proportion depends on you)

Here’s how

  1.  Beat eggs and add in minced vegetables.
  2. Fried in vegetable oil over medium heat. You may adjust heat accordingly so not to burn the vegetables.
  3. Drain excess oil and serve.

How do you like it?

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Jelly With A Twist


Fruitshakes for a Healthy You
Fruitshakes for a Healthy You



Fruitshakes for a Healthy You

Sugar is a general term used to describe substances that are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen at varying amount.  Thus there are different types of sugar – monosaccharides, dissacharides, and oligosaccharides.  These are present in many different food including fruits and vegetables.  Naturally contained sugar are balanced by fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other components found in fruits and vegetables.

Reality bites, unnatural sugar is readily available.  Examples of unnatural sugar are found in processed food such as cola drinks, powdered juices, powdered teas, energy bars, chocolate and sugar-coated crisps and chips. The thing is, these are even cheaper than the ones found in natural products.  This widespread availability, may be economically good but health-wise damaging especially for kids who are still developing their nutritional foundation, metabolism, and hormones.  Sugar could also create havoc to adults who have health issues like diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart diseases, insulin problems, and weight problems.


But it seems like it is way too impossible to do away with sugar nowadays.  Maybe what we can do is minimize our sugar consumption by eating more of the natural food like fruits and vegetables.


So lately, we have been cutting on our cola, powdered juices and tea consumption.  Instead, we blend our own fruit shake.  My family loves watermelon and cantaloupe milkshake.  These two are naturally sweet.  So they need lesser amount of sweetener.

3 tbsp. of condensed milk or raw honey, 2-3 cups of sliced watermelon/cantaloupe, 1 cup water, and a bit of ice are just the right combination for us.  You can modify this depending on your preference. But I suggest using fruits which are in season, they are usually cheaper.  So you are not only eating healthy, but you are also spending wisely.




Do you have your own health drink at home? Can you share it with us?



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Derick’s First On-stage Experience

Benefits of Outdoor Exercise


Exercise is very important.  It is a must for everyone.  It improves ones physical shape, body’s immune system, and ones over-all mood. But some people find exercise boring, and that there is no time to fit it in their schedule.  Outdoor gyms, which are innovative, ingenious and revolutionary, brought exercising to a whole new level.  An outdoor environment has an innate natural healing power, which is attained if one is in contact with it. It is a refreshing change from the claustrophobic, cramped up ambiance of an indoor gym.


Here are four reasons why exercising outdoors is a better idea.


1.  ACCESSIBILITY.  Since outdoor gyms are installed in schools, special needs playgrounds, urban regeneration, parish green spaces, trim trails, pensioner’s playground, schools and recreation, and even prison yard, ACCESSIBILITY is easy.  In terms of time, on a nice day, one can exercise at his most convenient time alone or with friends.  Tight work schedules are no longer an excuse to miss an exercise since outdoor gyms are open 24/7.  In terms of finances, most outdoor gyms are free.  Others may charge a small fee for maintenance.  Exercise is a necessity for a healthy mind and body.  It should not be expensive.






2.  FRESH AIR and NATURE.  Some indoor gyms decorations try to emulate nature by putting ornamental plants, playing ocean sound, or showing forest in a big screen. But of course, nothing beats natural fresh air and real nature around.  It is refreshing to exercise in an open space breathing fresh air from the trees and grasses.  It wipes out the boredom that easily creeps in you while exercising indoor.







3.  BEING WITH A COMMUNITY.  As the saying goes, the more the merrier.  Exercise should be fun.  Something that one enjoy doing and not forced into doing.  If one exercises together with a community of fellow enthusiasts, then who needs a walk-man/cd players/i-pods  to accompany you through your routine.







4.  ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.  Outdoor gyms are low in maintenance.  So on a larger scope, exercising outdoor means less energy consumption and less to zero pollution.  Thus, energy-conserving and eco-friendly.






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Som tum

Eat your Way to Health and Beauty


Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth.  Taking care of your health should not be expensive with healthkart coupons.  Lately, my husband experienced so much discomfort with his right knee.  Walking, stretching, and bending is painful  and impossible at times.  The doctor said it has something to do with osteoarthritis. The most common knee problem for very active people and or people over 50. Though arthritis having  no known cure and my husband still very far away from the age of 50 his doctor has advised him to have a different exercise set and some knee support. He was also advised to even out height to weight ratio.


Other important changes he has to take include the following

  • Cut the meat intake and eat a balanced diet and even out height to weight ratio
  • He is prohibited from eating nuts and legumes.
  • He has to reduce the number of times he plays basketball.
  • Use a different form of exercise
  • Taking supplementary vitamins good for general health
  • He has to wear a knee support for the time being to ease the discomfort.


knee pad


Getting sick could mean a great strain in the family’s finances.  Prevention is definitely better than cure.   Although some supplementary health vitamins and medical supports and equipment are expensive if you buy straight up from the store you could use coupon codes.  Coupon codes will give you a chance to avail for big discounts, freebies, and special offers.  Before you buy any health products and equipment, check out coupon codes first.


Do share your health regimen.




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Tom yum

Eat your way to good health and beauty



Phthalates (THAL-ates)

In my previous post I mentioned the chemicals PHTHALATES (pronounced as THAL-ates).  These are chemicals used to soften plastics to make it flexible and durable.

Below is a list of products that we should look into and be on the look out for these harmful phthalates.  These are general products, not brands.  All i intend to do is create an awareness among all of us.  It is not my intention to put down anybody’s products or business.

1. Nail Polish

2.  Hair and Body Lotion

3. Hair Sprays

4. Hair Mousse

5.  Hair Gel

6.  Fragrance

7.  Deodorant

8.  Cooking oil Bottles

9.  Clear Food Packaging (Number 3 Plastics)

10. Disposable plates  (Number 6 Plastics)

11. Cups

12. Meat trays

13. Egg cartons

14. Carry-out containers

15. Baby bottles

16. Three- and five-gallon water bottles

17. Certain food containers

18.  adhesives

19.  Lacquer

20.  Vinyl flooring


The culprits

Check your product labels, if you see even just one of the chemicals below please if you can avoid buying it.

Diethyl phthalate (DEP)

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

Butylbenzyl phthalate (BBzP)

Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)

Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)


Bisphenol A (BPA)

Vinyl (V or PVC)



DEHP and DBP are especially found to cause disruption in the proper reproductive development in male embryos by reducing the testosterone production.  They are also known to have negative effects on the growth factors in young males.  They could also lower sperm count, and general functioning of the sperm. Other effects include asthma, reduced female fertility, liver and kidney problem, and cancer. Bisphenol A in particular is found to cause neural and behavioral problems in children.


Protect your family

Although government regulation in most countries regarding the usage of these chemicals in products is not clear, there are number of ways we can reduce exposure.

We need to be vigilant, always be on the look out for the these harmful chemicals listed above.  If one or two are listed on the product label, then think twice before buying it. Buy products that have  phthalate-free and BPA-free labels on it.  Also, avoid soft plastics and soft vinyl products especially those that have a very strong plastic odor.

Do not limit yourselves with the products listed above.  Whenever you are about to buy plastic products or products with plastic in/on it, or products that have fragrance, always make it a habit to check the label.

It would not hurt also if we have the list of chemicals at hand every time we go to the grocery.

But by far, the best thing we can do, which is quite difficult to do in this plastic-infested-modern world is to cut the use of plastic in our household and use ceramics and tempered glasses instead.  Only in this manner we can truly be sure that our family is not exposed to any of these hormone-disrupting chemicals.


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Derick’s New Toy







Health Issues About Fish Foot Spa

Fish foot spa involves putting your feet in a tank of water full of garra rufa fish. Doctor fish which they are better known will nibble at your feet exfoliating dead skin cells.  In some other salon they do full body exfoliation.  This kind of foot spa or therapy is very popular in Thailand.  It is found in every street, in almost all malls in Bangkok, and even in an aquarium park in Songkhla Thailand. It is one of the must-go and must-to-do agenda whenever island hopping here.  Each island has their own style and presentation.  Fish foot spa is very popular in Asia most especially in Thailand, but it is also gaining popularity in the UK.




Amidst this craze, let us stop and listen to what health officials have to say.

1.  It may carry bacteria that causes skin and soft tissue infections.  These bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.

2.  It can spread HIV and Hepatitis.


To foot salon owners. Strict precaution should be observed.  Those who have weakened immune system brought by psoriasis, AIDS, cancer, and even those that have open sore and cut should stay away from this.  Foot spa salon should follow very strict cleanliness procedure, making sure that the water is changed after each client.  They should come up with some sort of  health screening  with their customers.

To the customers. It should be noted that the infection could be incurred not only from the water tank, but also from the fish.  In this case, sterilization is impossible as it will harm the fish.

To animal lovers.  These fish are starved to entice them to feed on dead human skin.


For detailed report on this, read.


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Don’t Mess With The Immigration Officers


DSC00206Nothing beats natural.

A friend once mentioned about eating pineapple for a well-scented vagina. We immediately rushed out to buy pineapples.  We did not really take it seriously.

Recently, as I was researching about fruits I came across so many articles about the correlation between eating pineapple and the smell and taste of vagina!  They even conducted a study.


Honestly speaking I like this.  I am the type of person who gets turned on by good smell.  Consequently, I also want to smell and taste good down there.  I think of this as a responsibility that each couple should bear in mind.  For me, in whatever point you are in your relationship whether you are still dating or have been married for more than 10 years, you owe it to each other to be presentable both visually and olfactorily. Don’t you think?


Hey… if you are thinking green well that is up to you! ^_^ But this is for our well being as women right?  Nothing sacrilegious intended here guys.

If you have other tips to share with us do not hesitate to type it down in the comment section. ^_^ Cheers!


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manaw juice


Cha-Manaw: Lemon Iced Tea





Filipinos being in a tropical country love fruits…. green, unripe fruits.  This is very much contrary to western food preference.  I have an American colleague, who was a bit confused.  He was wondering why we torture ourselves eating sour, crunchy green mangoes when we can wait for a little while and have a sweet, tasty, and soft ripe mango. He must have thought of this as really silly, lol.

Oh well, that is I guess the beauty of having so many fruits.  We can afford to eat anytime, anywhere in whatever form we like it.  We can also afford to be creative in how we serve them.

Like dip it in….

soy sauce

vinegar with salt


shrimp paste

This is the Filipino way.  I remember, when I was in primary years my sisters and I used to buy the  sliced green mangoes for 1 peso and we dipped it in vinegar with salt.  Then sip the vinegar dip after.  Oh my, reminiscing those times makes me salivate, lol.

Thai dipping is quite different, in a sense that it is full of chillies. They have variety of dippings which are pretty exotic and yummy too.  For now, I will feature 2 favorites of mine.

PRIK KLEAU is a mixture of salt, sugar, and powered chillies. But there are twice as much salt than sugar.  So, it is dominantly salty with a bit of sweetness.

prik kleau    DSC00206

BUAI on the other hand has the same composition as prik kleau but with the addition of powdered dried plum.  There are twice as much sugar than salt.  It is sweet with a bit of saltiness.

buai   buai1


These two are very easy to do.  You can try this at home.  Let us know how you find it. Don’t forget the chillies.  It would not be Thai without it.


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Cha-Manaw: Lemon Iced Tea

lemon iced tea

My ultimate favorite Thai drink is the Cha-Manaw or the lemon Iced Tea, which comes in variants of hot (Cha-Manaw-Ron) and cold Cha-Manaw (Cha-Manaw-Yen). It’s main ingredients are tea juice, extracted from dried tea plant, and Manaw or lemon.

For the cold lemon iced tea, this is how they do it –  mix the extracted tea juice and sugar together in a small cup.  Pour this solution in a bigger container or cup full of ice.  Then squeeze a quarter of lemon into it.  You may increase the amount of lemon according to your own preference.  I personal like it with a lot of lemon juice.

For the hot lemon tea, just follow the instruction above except the ice part.

It is served by peddlers on the street and even in the most posh restaurant in Thailand.  Thai people from all walks of life, from kids to oldies drink Cha-Manaw.

So it’s no surprise if Thailand like India, China, and Japan has low incidence of gout, a form of arthritis. Lemon (Manaw) is an integral part of their diet.  Lemon juice is extremely beneficial in combating joint pains and gout.  It helps expel uric acid in urine. Uric acid is a by-product of the breakdown of purine-rich food like legumes, nuts, anchovies, organ meat, meat extracts, spinach, mushrooms, and alcohol and other beverages.  Excessive level of uric acid results to its crystallization and deposition in joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Consequently causing joint pains.

Below are food that help lower uric acid;

Oranges,  Papayas,  Kiwifruit, Strawberries, Bell pepper, Broccoli, Bananas, Celery, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Parsley, Pineapple, Cocoa, Vegetable oils, and Water


  What is your favorite health drink?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^


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