What Costumes Teach Us About Style

Halloween is coming soon. With only a few weeks left to prepare, it’s normal to start thinking about fancy dressing and fun treats. While Halloween is generally perceived as an American celebration, it has long spread across the world. Some European countries run Halloween-related commercial actions and events. While the traditional trick or treat runs organized by and for kids remain mostly a US-based event, you can find some neighborhoods all around the world, creating mini versions of it. 

What does Halloween have to do with Thailand? Well, it’s simple: The best parties are in Thailand. If you are looking for an unforgettable Halloween dress-up party, you can be sure that Bangkok is the place where it’ll happen. So, you can expect a mind-blowingly awesome safe party, especially at a time where we all need to clear our minds from the worries of a global pandemic. 

As shop offers for Halloween costumes are multiplying, now’s the time to consider how dressing up affects our everyday style. Did you know that your party costume can also change the way you experience fashion in your day-to-day routine? Here why: 

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Glasses showcase your personality

Adding a pair of glasses can completely change your face. It’s the preferred Halloween props and the easiest costume accessory to manage. But the same principle applies to your everyday life. A pair of glasses can turn you into a fashion idol, a serious business person, or a romantic geek, to name but a few. The shape and color of your frames add a playful dimension to your outfit. So why limit yourself to fun glasses one night a year when you can have fun everyday? Admittedly, it’s worth pointing out that the typically plastic fake glasses you wear at Halloween may not be suited for day wear. But they can let you experiment to find your style. 

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Wigs can transform your look

Are you turning yourself into a vampire? You need a long dark wig for the show! 

Do you prefer to dress up as your favorite cosplay character? A wig is an essential part of your gear! 

The bottom line: Wigs are not only fun to wear, but they are a safe way of changing your hairstyle. But you can also invest in a quality wig to wear on special occasions. Many artists around the world have a number of wigs they use to change their looks overnight. If you don’t want to damage your hair with excessive bleaching, a wig is the ideal solution to transform your appearance. 

Playful colors

One of the preferred costumes for Halloween is the creepy clown. It’s full of bright colors, and at the same time, there’s a scary edge to it. While you may not want to wear a colorful clown costume every day, you can learn from your costume choice. If you are naturally attracted by vibrant and bright dressing up outfits, why not inject a little more colors to your everyday wardrobe? 

It’s silly to assume that Halloween costumes are something that you wear only one night during the year. They are filled with stylish tips and cues to define your style. If you gravitate naturally towards wigs, why not try one to change your hairstyle? Do you always buy a bright costume? Perhaps your wardrobe needs more colors. There’s so much to learn about yourself when you think about your favorite dressing up outfits! 

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Stylishly Versatile

After-work means going-out time for my family.  Park, mall, and the beach are few of our favorite destinations.  However, having to go home and change into something is just too tiring. It takes time, energy; and it fades the thrill and excitement of the moment.  The yehey-we’re-going-out glee is gone.  So there could be three possible scenarios thereafter. The plan is postponed, completely cancelled, or  you’d just go with the motion of doing it because it has already been planned.

zalora thailand 2

So I thought a versatile attire should do the trick.  What I needed was something I can wear in the office and yet still be comfortable wearing while strolling around with my family later.

Zalora Thailand

Recently I got a panelled Pencil Skirt from Zalora Thailand collection. It came exactly when I needed it. The timing is just perfect. Anyway, it is elegant. It is definitely comfortable, one important quality I look for in my clothing. I love that it is made from stretchable material.  A pencil skirt sometimes can feel restrictive but because it is stretchable, you can move around comfortably without looking stiff and choked. The fabric has just the right feel.  It is neither too thin nor too thick.  It feels cool to the skin.  Being in Thailand where the weather can be very hot, it is something important to consider.

You might want to check out their wide variety of skirts, or you can simply click Zalora Thailand banner at the sidebar for discounts.

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