Car Camera: Dengo

Having a car camera is in trend and beneficial. We are really not the type who would just jump in the bandwagon, but we found it useful, so we got one. Firstly, as we’re expats we could not speak the local language effectively and so explaining things is really frustrating at times. Secondly, nowadays some people would do or say anything just to get away with something, so it is better to have a piece of evidence.
We have scouted stores for the right one, by the way there are many choices to choose from, but eventually settled for Dengo Cam which is only available online. So what got us decided on this?Here are the reasons.

  1. It is a dual camera for a little over $56, great deal we thought. It has a 140 and 120 wide angle lenses for front and back respectively.
  2. It has an auto on and off, loop recording, and motion detection features.
  3. It has a built-in battery and a FHD recording resolution.
  4. Plus, installation is easy and the delivery is right on time.


But there’s the catch.
Although the image quality is great, the recording lags all the time. We tried changing the memory card from a lowly 8gb to its maximum capacity as advertised of 32gb, then back to 8gb, and then to an even lower 2 gigabyte, it still lags. It is important that your car cam does not lag. What if an important thing happens right on the moment it lags and so that won’t be recorded.

Another is that it does not loop automatically as advertised. We found this out the hard way. We got bumped from behind and the driver initially denied it but immediately “agreed” when we told him it’s on camera. Looking through the recordings we found out that it has stopped recording two days prior to the accident. Good thing he didn’t ask for it. Whew!

We’ve learnt that aside from image and recording quality these two features mentioned above are total essentials.

Now, we know what to look for in the car cam.
Well, if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t ……….

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