About a month ago there was a buzz about something so interesting not only among my students but among the faculty members as well. I could make out some of the sentences they were saying but I could not totally understand the entirety of the conversation.  Yeah, believe it or not 8 years in Thailand and still I have not fully grasped their national language let alone the local dialect here in the south. It’s not so much of the structure and or grammar of their language but it’s more of the tone and how they say the words. One word may have five different meanings depending on the five tones their language has. But that is another topic to talk about. ^_^

So I have heard my students talking about ghost ships, ship wrecks, abandoned ships, illegal carriers so on and so forth. I then presumed they may have watched the movie “Ghost Ship” in one of their English classes and are totally fascinated by it. But in my mind, I have seen that movie and it was a horrible movie to watch so it may not be what they were so excited about. I wanted to ask my students and my colleagues about that topic but being new to the faculty I was quite hesitant to engage in a conversation not really relevant to my job description.

Yesterday, I chanced upon one of the Filipino Foreign Exchange students’ post on Facebook and saw her together with other students with a beached ship in the background. Then it dawned on me that must have been what my students were buzzing about. So I asked Cindy where that was and LO and BEHOLD!




First sight


The pauper


Photography wise there is a need for photographers to have a saltwater proof tripod as mine is not so it was rendered useless during the shoot lest rust would have it ruined.

During this shoot I used my 24-105mm f4 lens mounted on a 550D body. The 24mm x 1.6 crop factor was ok to use since there was tons of shooting room in the beach.


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26 thoughts on “Beached

    1. I am not really sure…but it seems that the bottom of this ship is kinda flat… but don’t take my word for it… i know nothing about ships. ^_^

  1. wow! you’ve been 8 years in thailand amazing! my family loves thailand most of them time we go there to go hsopping and beach hopping and visit friends. believe me i only know those super basic words in thai but i cant understand them myself as well

    1. Yes, 8 long years. ^_^ Thai language is a difficult language to learn. But once you get acquainted with the 5 tones it’s all good.

    1. Yup, there are kinds of metal that don’t corrode when immersed in salt water.(Aluminum) Carbon fiber tripods also have good resistance against salt water corrosions. But they cost waaaay more. I am not sure how much
      they cost in the Philippines after all the taxes included but here in Thailand they cost between 8,000 thb to 15,000 thb. On the side note. Even though their materials are corrosion resistant there is still a need to rinse it after immersion to prolong their life span.

    1. Yes, i ageee. That would heve been very exciting. I think there are legal cases going on between ship owner and government as of the moment.

  2. Nice photos. Some mommy friends and I have this photo challenge called 48 Photos. You might wanna join. (Go find us on Fb) We’d love some facts from a photographer like you 🙂 Beautiful shots indeed.

    1. It’s difficult to get the real story because of the language barrier but from what i understood i am not so sure if it was fact or rumors they were telling me… the ship was abandoned and left to drift ashore by it’s crew because it carried illegal cargo. But then again i am not certain about it. ^_^

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