Are you BETTER than the rest of the world??

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I was once told by an Australian friend that….EVERYBODY is a RACIST! This has really struck me. It made me think that maybe, one way or another…..WE ARE.On the other side of the coin maybe, racism is not at all that bad. I was just thinking that……

People who have been subjected to racism, might in the end turned out patriotic.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Are you BETTER than the rest of the world??

  1. there will be lesser and greater persons than you…so i guess no one has the right to say that they are better than the rest

    1. true..but believe me there are people who really think that they are better.. i am speaking from experience. as an esl science teacher in Thailand i have the previlege to mingle with alot of people of different nationalities..

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