How to Use Essential Oils Safely

If you like to live a healthy and natural life, then you have probably heard a lot about the benefits of essential oils. They are not only a natural product, made from flowers and herbs, they are also thought to be good at restoring peace and health to the body. However, there has been some misinformation regarding essential oils, so it is important that you always use them in the correct way.


Do Your Research

If you are considering using essential oils on yourself or others, then it is important that you first learn about how they work. These are highly potent chemical compounds that can be harmful if not used correctly. For example, if you are looking for essential oils for dark circles, then you need to know which one is best. It is also good to remember that essential oils may have a different effect and use to the ones used from the original plant. That is because the concentrating process can alter the way the oils react to the body. If you are considering entering an essential oil business, be sure to find out if you need any specialized training or licenses before going into practice.


Be Careful on the Skin

Adding essential oils to the skin is one of the best ways to cure ailments, but, it can also be harmful if not applied in the correct way. You shouldn’t apply any essential oil undiluted to the skin, because it is so concentrated, it can cause burns. There is also the risk of overdosing on the oil as it is absorbed through the skin. The oils should always be diluted to the appropriate strength before being used.


Don’t Swallow

While essential oils are good for you on the outside of the body, they can be harmful and even toxic if taken internally. For that reason, you should always keep essential oils out of the reach of children and animals. If you think that a child or an animal has swallowed some oils, then you need to seek professional medical attention immediately. You should also take the bottles with you, so the medical team knows what was ingested.


Test Yourself

Even though essential oils are natural products, there can still be the risk of an allergic reaction. That is why before using the oils, test them on a small patch of your skin. If you start to get an allergic reaction, then you shouldn’t use that oil. You also need to do the same for any other new oil you decide to use as they can have different reactions.

Before using any essential oils on yourself or anyone else, it is vital that you discuss it with your doctor. That is because certain essential oils can cause damage to existing problems such as liver or kidney disease. Essential oils are a great natural way to cure ailments and improve mood. They are also powerful compounds that need to be treated with care.

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How to Create a Healthier Diet for You and Your Kids

Our health is the most important asset that we have and having a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to achieving lifelong good health. As parents, an effective diet is also important to give us the energy we need to keep pace with our children, but of course our first priority is always to our kids’ health, so it’s essential that we pay full attention to their diets as well. Cutting down on junk food and adopting healthier options can make a vast difference to how you feel and how your children feel, so let’s look at how easy it is to do.

Increase Your Fruit and Vegetable Intake

Fruit and vegetables are nature’s gift to us all, as they provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis. Expert opinions vary on how much fruit and veg we should consume, but they all agree we should eat between five and ten portions per day. That can sound like a lot but reaching the target can bring huge benefits to your health, fitness and energy levels. If your children are reticent to eating vegetables, or anything healthy, try hiding root vegetables like swede and turnip in among other foodstuffs, or encourage them to find one or two vegetables or fruits that they really like.

Cut Down on Sugar

Many of us have a sweet tooth, and there’s no denying that cakes, chocolate and candy taste great, but they are far from great for our health. Sugar is an addictive substance, and it features heavily in almost all the readymade and processed food stuffs that you can buy. It’s also a leading cause of obesity and linked conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so it makes sense to reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. One way to do this is to cook your meals yourself using fresh ingredients rather than turning to ready meals or take-aways. This may seem difficult at first, but your body will soon forget its sugar cravings and love its new healthier diet.

Reduce Weight Naturally

Being overweight has an adverse effect upon every aspect of your life, so if you want to lose weight you’ll have to exercise more and eat less. That’s a simplistic equation of course, and some people find that they have to turn to a diet plan to help them say goodbye to their excess pounds; in this case, they should opt for diets based upon purely natural ingredients, such as the HCG diet. You can find more information on this hormone-based diet through expert websites such as Hcgdietreview.Com and this also means that you’ll be able to find the best HCG drops and supplements at the best possible prices.

A healthy diet and lifestyle adopted in childhood is likely to remain in place throughout an adult life, and the best way to encourage your children to eat healthily is to eat healthily yourself. Wave goodbye to processed foods filled with sugar and excess fat and say hello to homemade meals full of natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll be amazed at the transforming effect it can have on you and your family.

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Asthma Treatment: Find a Specialist Near You

Here’s a demonstration on how to use a babyhaler by my son, Derick. 


The prevalence of Asthma, a modern-day disease nowadays, is a complex issue that has baffled medical practitioners. Commonly known to be caused by allergens like dusts and pollen, as it turned out, there seems to be other causes for asthma. Only half of the population of asthma patients are actually connected to allergies while the other half is still unknown.  Fortunately, for those patients whose asthma is caused by allergens, treatment is available.

For allergen-caused asthma, treatment has become effective and efficient now more than ever. Applied science has definitely done its job.  It should be noted though that early treatment plays a significant role, the earlier the treatment the better.

Naturally just like any other parents of asthmatic children,  we sought professional help.  A Pulmonologist is a doctor specializing in allergies and other diseases affecting the lungs including asthma. A Pulmonologist makes the preliminaries – like tests and a lot of questions about history of family allergies, span of time the child has been having symptoms, medications taken so far, and many others. After the diagnosis,  treatment follows.

These are exactly the procedure we followed with our children. Albeit different medicine type, the treatment procedure was similar.  

1. Prescription – Flixotide for my daughter and Seretide for my son. Flixotide (orange) inhaler or puffer contains a medicine called fluticasone propionate. This medicine is frequently called “steroids” but not the “anabolic steroids” abused by athletes. This puffer also contain a medicine called “preventer” which prevents asthma attacks. Fluticasone propionate and “preventer” when taken every day or as prescribed by the doctor lessen the swelling and irritation in the walls of the air ways in the lungs and prevents asthma attacks (  Seretide is a 2-in-1 asthma medication. It contains fluticasone propionate from the orange inhaler and salmeterol xinafoate, a Long-Acting Bronchodilator from Serevent inhaler (green) which keeps the air passage open (

2. Dosage.  Two puffs a day,  one in the morning and another in the evening every day, non-stop  for 6 months. If in case you missed a day or two, you would have to re-set the counting, and start anew. If within 6 months there are no asthma attacks, the doctor may lower it to once a day for another three months. In case of asthma episodes within these months, the doctor would tell you to continue with two puffs a day for another two to three months or until there are no more asthma attacks before lowering the number of puffs.

3. BabyHALER is a trademark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.  It is a device that helps babies and toddlers take inhaled medicine in this case the Flixotide and Seretide inhalers. To get acquainted with the parts of a babyhaler please head to parts of a babyhaler.

I hope you find this helpful and please share to those parents with asthmatic children.

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How to Build Safety Nets for Your Business

Not too long ago, we discussed how to run a business and a household. Being a working parent is hard enough; being a parent while trying to get a business off the ground is even more challenging. The market is growing right now, but there are still plenty of ways your business can fail.
Fortunately, failure is a risk you can anticipate. To safeguard yourself and the future of your household, you can put in place safety nets for added protection. These tips and tricks will help you get started.


A Fallback Plan

Always have something to fall back to when you are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. Ask yourself, “what can you do when the business doesn’t work?” Having a career to get back to or a job that you can pick up immediately will help you keep the family afloat during the tough times.
Some business owners, even the more established ones, are even going back to school for the same reason. They attend the best surgical tech programs Oklahoma has to offer or pursue an MBA from top universities so that they are always ready for a job if needed.
If you already have the skills for a job, what you can do is keeping yourself up to date. Pick up new skills by taking short courses, learn new things and stay in tune with industry updates, and make sure you maintain your relationship with those still in the industry.


Insurance Policies

Many business owners make the mistake of not paying for insurance when they can. The insurance premiums are seen as added costs that are not really necessary for the business. One small mishap, however, and you may be relying on the insurance coverage to keep the business growing.
Some basic insurance coverage types are essential. Having sufficient liability insurance and adding a business insurance on top of that should add the necessary layers of protection that will keep your business from collapsing in the event of an accident.
Don’t forget workers’ insurance too. Make sure you provide your employees with health and workers’ insurance so that the business doesn’t end up picking up the bills. Besides, you are protecting the business’s biggest assets by offering employees a good healthcare package.


Other Businesses

The last layer of protection can only be added once the business is mature enough. At a certain point in the business’s lifecycle, you want to start thinking about diversification. Don’t just enter a new venture either. The best way to diversify is by looking uphill or downhill.
If you run a coffee shop, for instance, you can diversify by opening a coffee roaster. You can then buy beans directly from farmers or import them from various sources. Roasting your own beans give you the ability to create new product lines, including your own instant coffee and ground coffee for other shops.
The rest should be easy from there. Diversifying is one of the many safety nets you can add to better protect your business from unnecessary risks.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Family Vacation

If you are planning to head off on a family vacation, you will want the experience to be as fun and exciting as possible. Here are ways on how to get the most out of your vacation.


Before you go on your vacation, it is important that you all sit down together and brainstorm exactly what you want to get out of the trip. Having a list will help you know what it is you plan to do whilst on vacation and all the activities you want to try out. You may find that each member of the party wants to do different things, so a little compromise will have to come into play to ensure you all get to enjoy the vacation.

Inject Some Fun

Going on a family vacation should be a fun and exciting time for you all, and there are many ways that you can inject a little fun into proceedings and get your trip off to a good start. If you enjoy sporting matching outfits, you may want to feel and look the part with your own personalized t-shirt. Websites like Heatpressmachineguide.Com will give you all the information you need so you can be sure that you create some of the most funky and innovative t-shirts for your vacation.

Book in Advance

To get the best deals, it is always advised to book in advance. You will want to cut corners wherever you can which can potentially help save you a vast amount of money. Make sure that you take the time to research into vacation locations and deals that are affordable for you and your family. If you decide to book late, you run the risk of having limited options as well as higher costs.

Read Reviews

There are many specialist review websites on the internet such as Trip Advisor which can help you figure out exactly where is right to go for your vacation. Reading reviews of the places you want to visit as well as hotels will help you get a better idea on where is best to stay and visit. If a hotel you have seen has predominately low ratings, it is best to look for somewhere else to avoid any problems that could arise. Being able to read first-hand and honest reviews will help put your mind at ease and ensure you make the right decision.

Stay Safe

No matter where you go in the world for your vacation, it is always important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Being somewhere completely different will put you out of your comfort zone so you will need to have your wits about you throughout your vacation. There are simple measures that you can take such as keeping all your valuables in zipped pockets as well as having locked luggage.

When going on vacation, always make sure that you have everything planned out well in advance to avoid any issues, but most of all, have fun!

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How To Take Care Of Garden Flowers

Like with all other garden plants, you must take care of your garden flowers if you want them to bloom and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With garden flowers, your work doesn’t end with planting the seedlings in your garden and you must attend to your plants for the duration of their growth if you are to expect success in your gardening. While gardening should take up your entire leisure time, you need to spare some time to attend to your garden.

Below are tips on how to take care of your garden flowers.

Mulch your garden

You should mulch your garden after planting, not just during the dry season. Mulching is an essential part of garden care since it helps retain the moisture in the soil and regulates the soil temperatures as well.

Mulching also inhibits the growth of weeds in addition to adding organic matter to the soil and also helping keep the soil compact.


Water them regularly

You must ensure that your flower plants get just the right amount of water they need for their growth, not more or less. Yellowing of the leaves is good indicator of watering problems in your plants. Overwatering can cause your plants to rot while not watering them enough leads to wilting and death.

It is also important to learn the right techniques for watering your plants. Watering the leaves results into rotting of the leaves and spread of diseases. Instead, water your plants at their roots where the water is actually needed.

Deep watering technique will save you the hassle of watering your plants daily.


Improve your soil

If you have had your garden in the same location for more than two years, then you need to improve your soil since it has lost some fertility. Your flower plants will suffer from poor health if they are deprived of the essential nutrients they need for their growth.

You can improve your soil fertility by adding compost manure or organic fertilizers. Use the recommended amounts of fertilizer because putting too much in your garden alters the soil pH value and this causes death among your plants.


Protect your garden from animals

Do Deer Eat Roses, you ask? Yes. You need to protect your garden from the attack of animals who get attracted by the sweet scents from flower plants.

Animals, particularly herbivores, feed on the leaves of your flower plants and can ruin your garden.

Protect your garden flowers from animals by erecting a fence or installing a barrier around your garden. Alternatively, you can use scarecrows and animal repellent sprays around your garden.



Cut overgrown branches on your flower plants to allow for a more organized growth. Pruning also help your plants grow into shape as opposed to a wild growth that spoils the aesthetics of your landscape.

You also need to pinch your flowers symmetrically when they are young to allow them to promote branching and increase the chances of the plant growing into an overall good shape.


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Asthma a Modern-Day Disease? What Should Parents Do?


The cases of asthma have risen in the recent years. Several factors/hypotheses were given but none are conclusive. Up until now, the medical world is uncertain as to what causes the increase in asthma diagnosis.  Among the factors mentioned are;

Here are some of the factors considered by medical professionals as possible reasons for the rise in asthma diagnosis in the recent three decades.

  1. Poor circulation of air in “tight” houses. In urban areas especially, houses are tightly sealed, houses are very near each other, and there are not enough trees around. These hamper sufficient circulation of air; thus, houses would seem like petri dishes of dust-mites and molds, which could trigger asthma.
  2. Hygiene-hypothesis. Too sanitary and hygienic environment of modern society have deprived children of developing anti-bodies that could fight allergies. So, this suggests that children need to be exposed to certain pathogen for them to develop natural defenses. Yet, exposure to infection early in life can be a risk factor for asthma.
  3. Sedentary living. Modernization has brought people so much convenience and comfort in life.  The many technology has many lives easy and light. Consequently, decreasing physical exertion and other form of physical movement. In effect, lessens lung strength and increases obesity that promotes inflammation in the body.

As mentioned above doctors and medical researchers alike are unsure of the causes. However, one thing is certain, only half of the asthma cases globally is caused by allergens. And so, what causes asthma with the rest of the asthma diagnosed population is still baffling doctors until now.

What Should Parents Do then?

Children experiencing asthma attack have inflamed airways that makes breathing difficult.  This makes them physically weak and hinders any form of outdoor activities that require physical exertion like riding a bicycle, spelunking, and traveling.  This isn’t right! Right? Children must be playing, making more clutters at home, exploring and experiencing things. Now as parents,

Here’s what we could do.

  1. Be vigilant and observant. If there’s a history of asthma in your family most likely your child might have the allergy-related cells. But the trigger might be different. It could be strong chemical odor, gas like helium,  fine dusts, or irritated airways due to coughing. In my daughter’s case, it was triggered by mosquito propellent and then fine face and baby powder. It took us a while to figure this out – after so many episodes of asthma attacks and late-night trips to the hospital.
  2. Seek professional help. If you suspect allergy in your child go to an asthma specialist. We have gone to several pediatricians but none have given us the kind of help and remedy we were hoping for. Asthma specialists would certainly know what to look for, how to diagnose, and how to treat it. If your child’s asthma is caused by allergens, then there is proven treatment for it as based on our own experiences. My daughter took Flixotide and my son Seretide placed in a babyhaler for almost a year before they finally gotten rid of asthma. If it goes untreated it will remain in your child until he grows old as the case of my husband.

As parents of asthmatic children, we know better that it is no joke.  The emotions parents have to go through seeing their child struggle, and the ordeal a child has to surpass are simply unbearable.

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About to grill that steak? Here are 5 rookie errors you should avoid!

There’s nothing quite as sweet or juicy as a beef steak grilled to perfection. Just imagine it; munching into that tender flank steak. Heck, it is close enough to Utopia one can get after a long, stressful week!

Sadly, such magnificent dreams can inadvertently be transformed into nightmares. Especially sans the right methods of grilling that beef steak; one that was eagerly purchased at the butchery a few moments ago.

In fact, when put to the test, many a self-proclaimed ‘cooking connoisseurs’ fail to pass the test. In turn, they become the lead actors in another epic series of ‘cooking dry, tough, meat.’

That being said, here are few rookie errors to avoid when preparing that scrumptious grilled steak.

Failing to use enough seasoning

Perhaps a delicious pepper-crusted ribeye has been lingering in the mind for quite a while now? Well, as with all magnificent dishes, seasoning is key. Consider the likes of salt and spices as the preliminaries of any amazing dish. So don’t be scared to be generous with them!

However, one should draw the line between generosity and over-zealousness.

That being said, it’s wise to always go for a hearty seasoning; lest one wants to deprive their meat of a rich flavour and a bold crust. Didn’t think so.

Grilling the steak while it’s still cold

At times, the desire to consume the steak as soon as possible can be quite tempting! Hence, one eagerly throws the steak straight from the fridge and onto the grill. Big mistake.

In fact, one should give the steak ample time to reach room temperature. In such a circumstance, patience is key.

The truth is, grilling a cold steak will cause it to cook unevenly; potentially resulting on the outside side of the steak burning, while the insides remain largely undercooked or undercooked!

Not selecting the right steak

Yep, trouble could have been brewing before the actual grilling process began! How is this so? It all goes back to the meat that was selected before heading to the checkout line.

In fact, there are a myriad of meat varieties that all have a unique cooking or grilling technique. For example, the T-bone goes in tandem with grilling, while the boneless ribeye might be a fan-favourite of the pan, due to all the fat running through it.

So take note; treating all the steaks in a similar manner might deprive some of them of the best possible flavour.

Another factor that comes into play is the grill that one is using. As a rule of thumb, always go for high quality grills, regardless of the event. The Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker is one ideal grill to check out.

Going for the lean cut

While the lean cut might be ideal for healthy living, it’s not exactly the talk of the town when one is searching for sensational flavours in their palate.

That being said, always look for a steak with a healthy layer of marbling (that is the fat that shows itself as white lines or flecks). Though it’s a tad bit on the expensive end, the savoury juices and tenderness are definitely worth it!

Biggest mistake; Turning over the steak only once

A common misconception in the culinary world is that the ideal way to keep a steak juicy and tender is to flip it over only once. While the end result might be photo-worthy, the steak won’t be that delicious. If anything, it will be pretty dry.

Hence, ensure to turn the steak multiple times as it grills away!


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