Globalization in the internet – how it influences your kids?



Nowadays where almost everybody has an access to the Internet and is able to seek there any information that is needed, people are very often exposed to hundreds of threats that are lurking in the Web. The part of society that is especially exposed to such kinds of dangers, are the kids. It happens because of the fact that they have contact with the computers connected to the internet in every place that they are present, like home, school or library. Adults should take into consideration what they can do to protect the youth. It is obvious, that information, especially the bad ones, are spreading very fast around the world, and we have to be aware that also information with not necessarily good messages are traveling between children every day, very often without control of any adults. It shouldn’t be a problem when children are sharing information among themselves, but it can be far more dangerous when they are connecting with adult strangers through the Web. And such strangers are usually very bad people with even worse intentions.

Bad consequences.

This kind of situation we can find in every country within different levels of society. For young people, computer should be a tool that will help them with education in easy way and just to entertain them. In our times it looks completely different. Of course kids use the computers and internet to entertain but very often it is connected with violence and unethical content. Next problem is that children are more and more engaged in social media activities. Those kinds of relationships can became extremely dangerous to them, because sometimes people on the other side of the screen are not the people that they pretend to be. This creates situation in which kids are exposed to threats like kidnapping and pedophilia. The other result of involvement in social media relationships is the fact that youth is less sociable. Young citizens prefer to communicate with friends through the Net rather than spending time with them in the real life. Because of that kids started to have serious problems with normal verbal communication with other people which can cause some serious mental issues.

What adults can do?

First of all, the situation that was described above is not related only to the children. Adults very often also decide to focus on virtual life, mostly because of the lack of the free time. Pressure in work and desire to make a career force them to maximize the time spent at work and to limit their free time to the minimum. That’s why is so important to give kids an example of how we should organize our daily life. Adults are role models to the youngest so they should use it to raise them in a proper way. There is another very easy way to prevent any dangers coming from the Web. On the software market there are some applications that can easily restrain any threats considering using the computer and the Internet. The parental controls are usually easy to use and can perform diversified operations. It can meet expectations of parents as well as CEOs and heads of public institutions.




If you want to extend your knowledge about parental control visit: – PCWebControl is tested and proven parental monitoring software. It is widely used in hundreds  of households, public institutions and private companies.



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Empowered Kids: When Kids Decide To Do It Themselves

Kids are very expressive.  They like to imitate adults, and explore on their own.  Whatever creative moments your little ones show could be a window to skills and talents hidden inside that need to be honed.  Let it out, do not suppress it.



This corner showcases all the creative things our little ones do, captured in photos. Be featured here by submitting your kid’s photos at with a short description.




DSC02070 DSC02256

Sometimes when she’s so caught up in her own magical world, Summer comes up with these creations.




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Host a Baby Shower the Budget-Friendly Way



When a mom is expecting, it’s normal etiquette for one of her close friends to throw a baby shower for her. If you are that friend, you may be concerned about the expenses that you may incur by hosting a baby shower. Remember, the main point of the baby shower is for everyone to have fun and bring out the excitement that the mom and her friends experience as they anticipate the new arrival.

Use Electronic Invitations

Using electronic invitations is your first step to baby shower savings. Instead of spending money on cards and postage stamps to mail out the invitations, send an electronic invitation instead. You can use sites such as evite or anyvite to send the invitations to the people you would like to have at the shower.

Check with Friends and Family for Decorations

If you have friends who have already had baby showers, considering asking them if you can use their old baby shower decorations. Often, people their baby shower decorations in good shape as a way of remembering the occasion. Make sure you are just as conscientious with their decorations as they would be.

If you want to be a little more creative you might consider hanging sturdy string that criss crosses across the ceiling of a room and hanging baby items on the string. Invite baby shower gusts to bring their own items to hang.

Save On Food

Save money on baby shower food by making your own fruit, veggie and cheese trays. If you stick to fruits and vegetables that are in season, you can save more money than if you try to buy those items when they aren’t in season. Save even more money by buying the fruits and vegetables at the local market stall.

Instead of buying a cake, consider making cupcakes for the baby shower. Learn to love fondant by watching tutorials on YouTube and you’ll soon be making gorgeous cupcake tops for expectant mom.

Don’t use paper plates and plastic cups. Instead use regular dishes. If you don’t have enough dishes of your own, ask a few of the guests to bring additional dishes for the event. The dishes will be mix and match, but the rest of the baby shower theme decorations will help the event to maintain a unified look and feel.

Give Small Potted Plants As Party Favors

Giving small potted plants to the baby shower guests is a simple, yet meaningful idea for a baby shower party favour. Small plants are reminiscent of the fragile nature of infancy. They are also a reminder of how baby’s need our nurturing and love in order for them to grow in a healthy way.

Check with your local garden shop to see what types of plants they think would be suitable for this this purpose in your area. You might also consider checking with native plant organizations such as Plantlife and Habitat Aid to see if they have recommendations for plants you might give out for people in your area. Not only will you be providing unique party favours, but you will be helping the environment as well. If you need a little extra cash for this, consider instant loans.

Simple, Silly Games Are the Best Baby Shower Games

You won’t have to worry about baby shower games stretching your budget. The best baby shower games are simple, silly ones that get everyone talking and laughing. You shouldn’t have any problem finding an endless supply of ideas for baby shower games on the Internet. However, here are a few of the sillier ones you may want to consider:

  • Smear a candy bar on a diaper and see if the guest can guess what type of candy bar it is.
  • Have the guests try to guess how many pieces of candy are in a baby bottle.
  • Bob for baby bottle nipples

Keep the mood of the baby shower fun, silly, and work on ways to get people to talk and participate and you’ll give the expectant mom a baby shower to remember.



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Are you concerned that your child is a digital addict?

There is little doubt that we are now living in a digital age.  We seem to be swimming in a sea of technological gadgets and devices.  Even adults can find the sheer volume overwhelming – but what might it be doing to our children? Are you concerned that your child is – or may soon become – a digital addict?

Today the array of devices and gadgets available is considerable, ranging from television to computers to tablets, smartphones and MP3 players – to name just a few.

Concerns about some of these – such as the television – may have been around for decades. But others are more recent and the profusion of still more devices appears to grow all the time, with the development of new technologies limited only by the human imagination.

An independent study from Foresters (the international financial services and membership organisation ) revealed that the average family will only spend 4.4 hours in a weekend socialising together without technology, meaning a real lack of family quality time.

Some research suggests that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend a staggering seven and a half hours a day feeding their digital addiction – whether this is by watching television, surfing the internet, playing video games or using their smartphones or tablets. Yet other research reveals that more than 20% of parents have no idea what their children may be viewing online.

As our children show signs of becoming digital omnivores, devouring technology on several platforms (often all at once!) the statistics make it difficult to understand how children are finding the time to do anything else – even the most basic of activities like going to school, eating and sleeping. And that is precisely the problem. Immersed in their increasingly digital world, children are finding it more and more difficult to relate to people in the real world and recognise the range of emotions others may feel.

The National Literacy Trust polled 35,000 children and discovered that only 25% of them did any reading outside the classroom, with 20% of them being embarrassed even to be caught reading something as old fashioned as a book.


If these are issues you identify in your own child’s behaviour, perhaps it is the moment to take time out. The Tech Timeout initiative is a campaign aiming to restore a healthy dose of reality to family life – and the goals of the campaign couldn’t be simpler.

It can be summed up by the simple act of turning it off – whatever the digital device or gadget, it has a switch. The switch lets you turn it off. And with the device turned off you might re-establish your bonds with your children (and your partner too), rekindling the art of conversation and actually involving yourselves more closely in each other’s real lives.

What may come as a mixture of surprise and relief is the fact that the Tech Timeout challenge encourages a relatively minor step in the right direction – spending just an hour a day for a week together as a family, with the electronic digital devices safely switched off.

Take the challenge

If you are worried that your child may be becoming a digital addict, if you yourself are headed that way, or if the distance is growing between you and your partner, you might want to pick up the challenge and take your own timeout.


About the author:Steve Dilworth is MD of the Member Network UK at Foresters, the international financial services (FS) and membership organisation. He has extensive experience within the charity and FS sector, with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics and a Degree in FS. He is Chair of Soho Ltd, a subsidiary of Soho Housing Association, and Chairs Bromley Neighbourhood Police Panel. In 2012 he was elected as a Community Champion for the London Borough of Bromley.


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Kids Academy Mobile Apps Review

Playing games is every child’s world.  They live, interact, and learn in this world.  The more engaging and fun the game is, the better.  During these formative years of 2 to 5 years old, kids are like sponges.  They assimilate information fast. But these information could be put to waste if it is not retained.  Kids have higher probability of retaining information for a longer period of time, if the experience is fun and memorable.  So the key here is making every learning opportunities FUN and ENGAGING.

Nowadays, we should use technology to our advantage.  Two-year old kids already know their way around an ipad, a laptop, and android phones.  Sometimes,they are even better than adults.  Since they are so hooked up to these, why not use these to help them learn numbers and alphabets.

Kids Academy Mobile Apps is totally fun and engaging.  Every game is design to make FUN EDUCATIONAL.

First stop, a note to the parents will pop up first thing when you open this application.  It encourages parents and guardians to guide the kids during their first usage.




The games promote the development of fine motor skills for toddlers. They will be asked to trace the letters and follow instructions and the rules of the game.  The entire time, your kid’s auditory ability will be harnessed as they need to listen to instructions to complete the task. But the instructions are clear, simple, and easy to understand.




I find it helpful that each task is repeated twice, as this will reinforce what they did the first time.




They are ask to say the name of the letter, and trace it twice  – first with a guide and the second to trace it by themselves.  The letters are bold, allowing good vision and tracing.  The letters and background are colorful and bright, but not too busy with so many colors.  It is good that the background is white against a colorful letter as this will bring a kid’s attention on the letter and not on other things on the screen.

Other than number and letter tracing, Kids Academy Mobile Application also has phonics reading, and arithmetic operations.  I highly recommend this to parents who are looking for educational apps for their kids.  As a teacher myself, I also recommend this to preschool teachers.  This is also a must for nurseries and preschools as this will be a good teaching tool.


Check out Summer and Derick enjoying Kid’s Academy  Mobile Apps



For more information, please visit them

Kid’s Academy 

Kid’s Academy Facebook page

Kid’s Academy Twitter


Make fun time more educational.  Go ahead download, and share your experience with us.


Disclaimer:   The author of this blog got a free Kid’s Academy Mobile Apps to be reviewed.  She is also financially compensated by upon completion.  But rest assured that all opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.






I Like It Bald

Derick, our son, had his first hair cut when he was two years old.  My husband was thinking of a hairstyle.  But on my end, without any adieu I thought right away of skin-head ^_^.  I find it so masculine. Anyway, he did not oppose.  He likes it as well.  During our younger years we both wanted to cut our hair that short.  It became popular when Demi Moore played a military soldier in G.I Jane.  Unfortunately, the shape of our head is simply not right for it.

Now we find fulfillment of this long time wish with Derick.  Now that he is still a baby, Mom will decide.  When he is old enough to know what he likes, then Mom has to give way ^_^.

Here are photos of Derick in the Barber’s shop.  This is his second hair cut.  I was not able to take photos of his first. 🙁





What sort of hairstyle do you want for yourself, or for your kiddos?



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Hairstyle a la Frozen

Summer, probably just like any other kids, is very much hooked up with Walt Disney’s latest craze, Frozen.

She tries to memorize and sings the song. Even Derick who only picks up the last syllable of a word sings along with her.

With the movie comes, of course, the frozen dolls.  Summer upon seeing these beautiful Frozen dolls was totally thrilled and wanted to have one as well.  Here’s the difficult part, saying no.  Well, we  simply told her that she just had a new Barbie doll as a birthday present which was just two weeks ago. Even if Frozen dolls are the latest trend, it doesn’t mean she has to have one.  She already has toys, and she should be happy with what she already has.   She was okay with this. (Thankfully)

So instead of sulking over what she could not have, she asked me to braid her hair similar to Elsa.  She likes it.  She said she wants to have powers like Elsa. She took a grass from the school playground, and fashioned it into a tiara….. very imaginative huh.




How do you find Disney’s newest, Frozen? Are your kids into it?

How do you say NO to your  kids?




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Cavity-Free Family

Dental care is very important.

We grew up knowing that eating too much sweets can cause tooth decay, and food parcels left in between the teeth can cause tooth decay. And that plaque “eats up” the teeth by the acid they produce consequently resulting to tooth cavity. So, brushing and dental flossing keeps the plaque at bay.

While these are true, these are just bit and parcel of the whole truth.

Cavity Free Family

Healthy teeth and gums can only be attained from eating healthy balanced diet. Brushing and dental flossing could and would never be able to keep tooth cavity from occurring if the body lacks the nutrients it needs.  A tooth is a living thing.  It is much like the body.  A person with strong immune system, which can be attained by eating the needed nutrients, exercise, and enough sleep, is not affected by common viruses that cause colds and cough that easily; or if affected the immune system can easily fight these that going to the doctor is unnecessary.

Teeth are bones. They are said to be the strongest bone in the body, and just like the rest of the bones they require the needed calcium.  But eating food-rich in calcium is not enough.



Here’s  the thing…DSC01907

1. Calcium is needed for strong and healthy teeth and bones.  But for calcium to be absorbed, it needs the help of Vitamin D and the rest of the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K.

2.  The substance phytic acid reduced the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K. Phytic acids are found in vegetables, seeds, nuts, and legumes. You might think that it’s better not to eat these to allow the absorption of ADEK. No! Here’s why. Phytic acids also have some very important preventative properties like cancer, heart diseases, kidney stones, and insulin resistance.

So, it only means we have to eat more and more green-leafy vegetables like Moringa because even though the absorption is reduced, the rest of the minerals that were not absorbed have their own important role to play in the over-all health of our body.


Therefore, for a family to have healthy teeth

*Food intake must include a lot of food rich in vitamins A, D, E, K

* Increase food intake rich in phytic acid.


This diet would definitely bring tooth-cavity free family.  .  .  . no drilling, no frightful trips to the dentist.

Try this out … and you’ll see the difference.








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