Hey Hey Linda

This boy who calls her mom by her name is not cool.

 son call mom linda

But Ellen DeGeneres broadcasting this, is all the more not cool.


Sure, parents are not perfect, and sure there are kids who are undergoing a difficult stage.  But do we really have to show this to the world?

The media is very powerful. Whether we like it or not, kids as young as two years old  already know how to browse youtube.  Young kids absorb whatever they see and hear very quickly whether it is good or not.  Now,  don’t you think it is quite difficult to explain to a toddler not to follow or imitate this boy’s behavior?

linda linda

Ellen Gave The 3-Year-Old Who Wanted A Cupcake For Dinner More Cupcakes He Could Handle

This one above is a very powerful reinforcement of the kid’s behavior.  This is telling the boy and other kids that what he did is alright.  The way this boy talked back to his mom is certainly alarming.  If you allow your kid to talk to you this way now, just imagine how he’s going to treat you 10 years from now.  There are ways on how to assert yourself nicely.  The behavior exhibited by this boy is certainly way from being nice.

I wonder why some people find this cute.

This is just me.

What is your stand on this? Do share..




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Imelda Marcos in the Making?

A little background here…

Imelda Marcos was the first lady of the 10th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr.  She’s one of the many Filipina women who caught the attention of people from across the globe.  A Thai colleague from a school I was previously affiliated, told me that their Queen is as beautiful as Imelda Marcos.  Wow!

Well anyway, she is famous for amassing 3,000 plus to-die-for shoes.  Something that will be remembered by Filipinos now and in the future. Whether most of these shoes were given by friends and sponsors, or were bought by Imelda herself the reality was she had this huge collection of shoes that most Filipinos found unfathomable.

Over the years, owning several pairs of shoes are liken to or is synonymous to “The Imelda Marcos Shoes”.  Growing up, our parents (both my husband and I) could only afford to buy us a for-all-occasion pair of shoes in a year, imagine in a year.   Fourteen years of schooling that means only fourteen pairs of shoes.  So looking at my daughter’s shoes makes me think of Imelda Marcos.

Summer at four years old already has accumulated more than twelve pairs of shoes.  All from the same brand that is available worldwide, but very affordable and of good quality.  Otherwise, we won’t be able to afford them.  As parents, we are thankful that we could provide.  But we are careful not to spoil her.



These are some of her shoes that she’s still using.  Those that she has out-grown were given to her cousin.

Values that we could impart to our kids.

* To be happy and grateful of whatever they have because there are many others who have none

*Never to be jealous or envious of others for there will always be greater persons than they are




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Kids and Mathematics

Most people find Mathematics a difficult subject and irrelevant to everyday life.

I remember a friend of mine saying “What in the world do I need X and Y for? Why do I have to burn the midnight oil studying sine, cosine, and tangent? Am I going to use XY to buy something in the market, or tell the driver I am going to angle of depression ABC?

I also had a love hate relationship with Mathematics, those love moments were when my teachers made it look and feel easy for me  which  is what I want my kids to feel about Mathematics.  I am a Biology teacher, helping my daughter with Mathematics is difficult for me. I run out of strategies or the strategies I know do not work well with Mathematics.

In this post, I would like to  ask for help from you.  Please share your ideas, strategies, Math websites, and other methods.  I will organise all the ideas from here into another post so that other parents may benefit as well.

By the way, my daughter is a kinesthetic learner I would appreciate if you could include strategies for this kind of learner.

Let’s help our kids from this…




To this….


happy math


Leave your  comment below.  Thank you




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