Make-shift Bath Tub

Summer and Derick love bathing together.  They like to play and soak in the water. Our new home is very near the beach and often times we go there and have a swim but there are times that we can’t. There was a time Summer asked us ” Can we swim in the bathroom?” But we don’t have a bath tub.  So we improvised…….tada! Presenting our make-shift bathtub.











The make-shift tub is fast becoming too small for them.  Our babies are growing fast, got to find something bigger ^_^

PS: Never leave your kids in a tub, unattended.



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Since moving to our new home, I have not had the time to unpack and sort out the wanted from the unwanted things. Last night as I was doing this long overdue task I came across this bag of bills and receipts I have collected for almost 5 years. Oh gosh the dust was also 5 years thick. I placed the bag outside, ready to be thrown away.

My husband being a sentimental, was apprehensive about throwing them outright without checking. He was thinking there might be some books or whatever things that we could still use or has a sentimental value. So this morning, I went through all the receipts and envelops. To my surprise, guess what I found?




And ……..

And another……

Oh my gosh …what a blessing…what a surprise!

4, 000Thb  ( US $121.15)


I’m glad I listened to my husband ^_^


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High School Life

What is the best part of your student life?

This is one common topic of conversation among friends and acquaintances.  This is also asked in some job interviews, of which the answer, most often than not, is high school.  This is quite baffling to me.  As I see the freedom in tertiary level more alluring.  So I made a survey.  What makes high school life more exciting?


Here are some answers in no particular order.


  • Senior Prom Night.  This is the most important dance of high school year.  Teens are excited to join this event for various reasons.  One, it is a dream come true for teens  stuck in their fantasy world of princes and princesses.  Second, this is one good chance to be able to get a date and dance for hours.  Third, just simply the excitement and thrill of dressing up and flaunting beautiful, fancy gowns from DressFirst to their friends.  So girls spend hours and hours dressing up, doing their hair and make up.  Well, who wouldn’t get really hyped up if you are to wear one of these dresses?


prom1  prom 2  prom 3  prom 4



Parents nowadays, although they still adhere to this tradition, are more practical and vigilant of their finances and opt for cheap prom dresses, which are equally beautiful and comfortable.


prom 5  prom 6  prom 7  prom 8


  • Intramurals
  • Field trips, games, shows


For the rest of their answers, I feel complied to give a short psychological background of teenage  years.

High school is the onset of adolescence and a tug-of-war between identity and confusion.  Teens undergo numerous and enormous changes, results of which determine their future’s success and failure.  Success would mean completion of the developmental task of this stage.  As a result, teens move on to the next level of the developmental stage with a very strong sense of identity.  Otherwise, failure to do so, would lead to self-doubt, inadequacy, and resentment.  Long before a ray of light is seen at the end of the tunnel, parents and teens alike undergo tumultuous years of struggles for independence and power.  But no matter how chaotic this stage may seem, the struggles are normal and part and parcel of the whole development.  There are things that parents can do to ease up things.  But that is another story.

Below are answers from the survey, which may seem wayward, of which the mentioned background above is for. Again, these are arranged in no particular order.

  • Slumber parties and weekend getaways with or without parent’s consent
  • Crushes and dates
  • Cutting classes
  • First try for cigarette and liquor
  • Cheating
  • Gangs and fraternities


High school years are the time of breaking free, of trying new things, of struggling for identity and individuality.  It is the time of “almost there, but not yet there”.


What about you? What makes high school  life more exciting?



This is a paid post task from, solely written by me without influences from anybody.







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How to Look for Reliable Trading Website


With today’s convenience, we can’t avoid of doubting websites that are out online especially those related to money investing. One of the facts that people doubt is that anyone can avail for domain and create his or her own website in just one snap and victimized innocent viewers and investors. Thus, it is really important to be meticulous sometimes especially when it involves money and dignity.

A lot of websites are out nowadays. One of it is those who belong to finance industry. A good example is forex trading websites. Due to its feature which one of it is fast earning, indeed people would really like to give a try of the said business. And with that, a lot of fakers are taking advantage of it. Thus, it’s really necessary to know how to look for a reliable trading website then.

There are lots of websites available nowadays and looking for legit ones is not that hard to do as there are plenty of methods to use these days either you scrape the site, read reviews and forums, or check the site manually. You can check; it is also a good website for trading just like too.  Referrals are also good sources of reliable trading websites. Just make sure that the one who is recommending you a particular website had tried it as well. In this way, you can definitely make some questions and clarifications regarding the site. And if ever you’ll invest for it, you have the basis either to proceed or not.

It’s not just about keeping your money safe but it is also about saving your time and effort out from those false websites.








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My Prayer For 2014



I pray for blessings not just for my family, but for all who have similar longings and hopes for their family.

So, I summon all the positive feelings, and all the positive thoughts  in the universe to make these aspirations come true.


1.  Happy family that stays together as one

2.  Good health for each of my family members, relatives, and friends

3.  Wisdom and patience to raise our kids to their fullest potential, and discipline them to become emotionally intelligent individuals

4.  Safe from mishaps, disasters and natural calamities

5.  Successful career, business, and blogging

6.  Good health and business success to my employer and her family

7.  Strength and resiliency for whatever loss in 2013

8.  Lesser if not no corruption in the government around the world


Do share your prayers for this year.

Bountiful 2014

cheers ^_^




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