Benefits of Outdoor Exercise


Exercise is very important.  It is a must for everyone.  It improves ones physical shape, body’s immune system, and ones over-all mood. But some people find exercise boring, and that there is no time to fit it in their schedule.  Outdoor gyms, which are innovative, ingenious and revolutionary, brought exercising to a whole new level.  An outdoor environment has an innate natural healing power, which is attained if one is in contact with it. It is a refreshing change from the claustrophobic, cramped up ambiance of an indoor gym.


Here are four reasons why exercising outdoors is a better idea.


1.  ACCESSIBILITY.  Since outdoor gyms are installed in schools, special needs playgrounds, urban regeneration, parish green spaces, trim trails, pensioner’s playground, schools and recreation, and even prison yard, ACCESSIBILITY is easy.  In terms of time, on a nice day, one can exercise at his most convenient time alone or with friends.  Tight work schedules are no longer an excuse to miss an exercise since outdoor gyms are open 24/7.  In terms of finances, most outdoor gyms are free.  Others may charge a small fee for maintenance.  Exercise is a necessity for a healthy mind and body.  It should not be expensive.


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2.  FRESH AIR and NATURE.  Some indoor gyms decorations try to emulate nature by putting ornamental plants, playing ocean sound, or showing forest in a big screen. But of course, nothing beats natural fresh air and real nature around.  It is refreshing to exercise in an open space breathing fresh air from the trees and grasses.  It wipes out the boredom that easily creeps in you while exercising indoor.



Right-green-gym-03          Right-Parish-ect



3.  BEING WITH A COMMUNITY.  As the saying goes, the more the merrier.  Exercise should be fun.  Something that one enjoy doing and not forced into doing.  If one exercises together with a community of fellow enthusiasts, then who needs a walk-man/cd players/i-pods  to accompany you through your routine.


Air_Walker        Right-Primary-schools-04




4.  ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY.  Outdoor gyms are low in maintenance.  So on a larger scope, exercising outdoor means less energy consumption and less to zero pollution.  Thus, energy-conserving and eco-friendly.






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Outdoor Sports Shelter


Outdoor sports are great family activities.  It is fun, and brings family members closer to each other.  It should be encouraged and promoted in the community.  But since it is outdoor, there are few environmental factors to be considered.


1.  Heat.  Not many people realized the harmful effects of heat.  The effects are not abrupt, but cumulative. This is what makes it dangerous. The effects are slow, so people think it’s harmless and take it for granted. Then, one day you will be surprised to be struck with one or two of the following heat related illness such as  sunburn and wrinkles, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and skin cancer. Sports shelter, shelters outdoor sports onlookers from the harmful effects of heat.  Making every family’s outdoor sports experience comfortable and sheltered. This will help reduce the heat related deaths of an average of 350 people each year according to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).


      22      steel-sports-dugout_main

2.  Rain is another environmental factor to be considered.  It may seem harmless. Some people think that plunging into the rain is good as it has a cooling effect.  True, if your body temperature prior to soaking in the rain is normal. Otherwise, the body undergoes stress as it is forced to suddenly balance the body temperature brought about by the sudden change in temperature in the environment.  For example, chanting and cheering for your favorite sports team on a sunny, very hot day, then suddenly get soaked wet by rain.  This stress has detrimental effects on the body. This can cause dryness in the skin and mucus membrane of the eyes.  It can also bring about eye infections, respiratory infections, and muscular spasms.  Sports shelter provides the warmth needed by the body to slowly adjust to sudden temperature outdoor.



ss-sports-dugout_main      wardale-shelter_main


While making sure that outdoor sports and activities are fun, shelter and protect your family and friends as well from the harmful effects of environmental elements.




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Free SMS Philippines


Homesickness is nothing new to an expatriate like me.  To most Filipinos living and working overseas, it is inherent.  Being able to communicate or express concerns to loved ones is the only consolation to ease up this homesickness.  That is why mobile phones and laptops are expatriates and OFW’s best friends.

Just recently, I came across free SMS Philippines.  It is a new SMS portal, which allows sending of text messages to any mobile network, take note, any mobile network in the Philippines.  Registration is not needed. All you need is an internet connection, open the website and send UNLIMITED messages FOR FREE.  Yes, that’s right. For free! No hidden charges or fees.  Plus, you can send messages in any language.

It is easy and very simple to use, it works and it’s for FREE! Messages are received almost in an instant.  It is an uncomplicated and honest app.  If you need to send a quick message to your relatives back home or you are out of load, this is the right app for you.

For an expatriate like me, this is heaven sent.  It could not get any better than this.  It works.  Most of all it’s FREE





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