Our Family’s Precious Weekend 3

This weekend we did not really have any itinerary in mind.  What we did was our usual addiction..just drive around.  It is our most expensive vice so far.  Anyway, while driving going to Songkla, we happened to pass by this bunch of people who were flying something which looked like kites from afar, but are actually RC helicopter/airplane.

Summer was right away captivated by the sight of these big-sized RC (Remote Controlled) helicopter and airplanes.  She shouted in a dreamily fashion “oh I want to buy an airplane!”.  She was so curious.  Her questions were non-stop.

* Why is it big?

* Why does it have like this?  (imitating the motion of the propeller)

* Why did he do that?

* What did he put inside? (The RC airplane used real gasoline.)

* Can I touch it? Why not?

Oh my kids…

It was indeed a spectacle to watch.  If I was given the chance to play those big RC toys, I would gladly do so.  But we were mere spectators at that time; and I would not trust myself because it is not as easy as it looks.

Check our video




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Our Family’s Precious Weekend 2

A Fish I Wish
© By Karstyn B. Butler

Oh how I wish I was a fish to swim in the deep blue sea.
I would swim up and down and all around in laps of two or three.
There would be no rules to follow,all fun down here.
On land rules are trouble,a real pain in the rear.
Humans are not wanted down here and for them you must always look.
For they only want to see us fish dangling from their hook.
A sea full of wonder,yes that’s the life for me.
Oh how I wish to be a fish and one day soon I’ll be!



That’s right we went to Songkla aquarium for the weekend.  The kids had fun.  It was their first time.  So they were all eyes.

Unlike the poem above the fish here are not as free as described by Karstyn.  But yes, they are very much loved and protected here.

We were not able to make a very decent photo inside.  Camera flash is not allowed.  So we took videos instead.  Please check out our Songkla Aquarium’s feeding show video.







How was your weekend?


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It’s the best time to go online


Imagine having clients from all over the world.  Every business owner dreams of this. With today’s technology it is no longer a dream.  You can make this come true anytime of the day with just a click of a mouse.  The world is getting smaller by the day. Markets seem to get bigger and more diverse. Now is the time to be one them. You don’t need to be a computer savvy or an internet expert.  All you need is online store software.

Yes! Had I known about this 10 months ago, I and my husband’s plan to have an online photography store would have materialized.  An online store is quite different from a simple blog website.  I surfed the internet for online stores.  They had payment buttons, shipping and taxes.  It was quiet complicated especially for a neophyte like me back then.  But with online store software, everything is done for you. From setting up the products, configuring your payment options, setting up shipping and taxes, generate your product links, and even provide a training session.

This is the latest trend in business marketing.  It is not limited anymore to commerce or business graduates, but is accessible to everybody who has the heart for business, and wants to have financial stability.


Hop and join the bandwagon, don’t be left out.




What kind of online store would you put up?


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Family Drive Routes

Hatyai, one of the big  cities in Thailand is gaining popularity from paying tourists, backpackers, foreign skilled workers, and even Thai people from the north.  When I came here almost 7 years ago, there was not a single taxi.  Now, I have noticed the presence of several company-owned taxis.  What they had before was solely the tuk-tuk and vans.  Currently, a condominium and several residential areas are being constructed and developed.  There are major road widening and drainage system construction going on.  These are all in response to the growing population, economic growth and flood prevention.

Here I will give you a tour on Hatyai’s well-favored family drive routes.

1.  Prince of Songkla Univeristy Lake.  Families come here to jog, run,  walk, or simply unwind after a day’s work.  It is located at the heart of the University.  Everybody is welcome to come inside the campus.  The University accommodates outsiders who would like to use their basketball, badminton, or tennis courts for free.


2.  Hatyai Park.  This one is big.  It occupies an entire hill.  At the foot, you will see the Ice Dome which has a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, and the vast park with a hanging bridge, a lake, and a hall.  The Lantern Festival is always held here every month of February.  Thai People also celebrate Loy Krathong here.  Krathong is a flower wreath, loy meaning to float. During Loy Krathong Thai people make  wreaths made of flowers and have it float in the river.


3. Up on the hill are the Elephant Temple, Chinese Temple, and right on top is a statue of a standing Buddha over-looking the city.  They also have a Science observatory wherein one can view the outer space for only 20 baht.  At the moment, the Buddha shrine can be accessed directly without going around the hill through a cable car.


4.  Songkla Historical Park.  It is a 45-minute ride from Hatyai City.  It houses the Songkla Museum. Beautifullandscapes, architectural sculptures, Mangrove reserves, and a lake where one can view the magnificent sunset.  This is also popular to wedding photographers as the view is picture perfect.


5. Samila Beach is where the Songkla Mermaid Statue is found.  It is very famous to local tourists, as it is a nice subject for family picture taking and for professional photography.  Samila Beach is an ideal place for kids to swim.  The water is calm. And when the stomach starts growling, there are wide variety of restaurants to choose from. In recent years Samila’s Sheep Farm has been the go to for seminars and other academic related extracurricular activities.


5. Songkla Beach.  The long stretch of white sand is a favorite hang out for friends, lovers, and families alike.  Aside from swimming, there are a lot of activities to engage in like figurine painting, kite surfing, jogging, and banana boating.  This is also where the International Volleyball games are always held.  Most locals and tourists alike come here to just chill out and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

6. Tangkuan Hill.  It is known for its monkeys.  People come to feed them at the foot of the hill.  On top is Tangkuan Hill Shrine, which is accessible through a cable car. It provides a scenic view of the entire Songkla district.

7. Songkla Zoo is unlike any zoo in the Philippines.  This zoo occupies an entire mountain.  It is impossible to roam the entire zoo the whole day by foot.  They offer a tour around the zoo.  They also have buggy cars for rent, 200 baht for an hour.  Songkla zoo also has a wide swimming pool, they call Waterworld.  It also has a camping area, for a complete outdoor experience.  Visitors are allowed to bring their own food, free of charge or they can dine in in their restaurant.

8. Songkla Aquarium houses diverse kinds of fish from seahorses to sharks.  The visitors can witness the fish feeding on a scheduled time at their show hall.  At the end of the tunnel, there are souvenir shops.  At the parking area of the aquarium, other activities are held such as car racing and motor/car exhibits. This is one of families precious weekend go to places.


If you will come and visit Hatyai Songkla, which of these places would make into your bucket list?

Feel free to leave your creative responses or comments on the comment section below. ^_^



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Earn Online


People blog for various reasons, which include expressing oneself, improving ones communication skills, for mere past time, and/or to simply join the bandwagon.  But mine is different, my primary reason for blogging is to earn extra bucks to eke out my family’s finances.  This motivation is very powerful, personally speaking.  I started blogging way back in 2009 because most of my friends were into it.  But just like any other trend or fad, when the spur of the moment faded so as the fire to write.  So I stopped.

But I was inspired to blog again.  A friend of mine blog about her earning through blogging.  This has ignited yet another fire in me.  I found out that aside from earning through blogging itself there are also many other ways where we can earn online.  I am sharing with you two links where I am already earning.

1.  Sponsored Tweets.  This is very easy to do.  A company will ask your services to tweet about their products or services.  You will be paid per tweet.  I am already earning from this. Here’s the link for the sponsored tweets http://spon.tw/r90sG

2.  Cash crate.  Here you automatically earn $1 upon joining.  You can then earn right away by completing
offers, taking surveys, and shopping online.  Here’s the link http://www.cashcrate.com/4550475

Here’s an update to this list.

3.  Sverve connects bloggers and businesses in a win-win partnership.  Aside from blogging assignments, they also have other exciting and easy campaigns like targeted tweets, Youtube promotions, and Sweepstake promotion. All assignments I am doing for them are being paid on time. Join Sverve now.

4.  PayU2blog is another haven for bloggers. They connect bloggers to brands.  Payouts are done on time.  The website maintains a close correspondence with their bloggers for updates through your PayU2blog account dashboard, so constant checking is necessary.



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Life Starts at Forty-licious

Are you turning 40 soon?

Does this freak you out?

Don’t be, read a book.

Here’s one for you.











Yup, that is right, there’s nothing to freak out about.  You are only 40. It is a mere digit.  Besides, LIFE STARTS AT FORTY.  Think of it as another phase in your life.  In any role playing games (R.P.G), we call it level up.  At 40’s you have certainly leveled up.  You have gone through life’s ups and downs.  You have come out victorious from numerous predicaments life has plunged you into. You have gained wisdom from all of these experiences.  Wisdom which will guide you not to repeat whatever previous fiasco you had. Second in terms of materials things, you have worked hard enough to have gained financial independence.

So relax and chill out. Give yourself a break.

Here’s another one for you.











What do you think of this “How the #@!! did I get to be 40” mug?

Would this bring a smile?

If you think so, then check out more of these 40th birthday gifts at Spencer Online Store.  I particularly love the Forty-licious Beads and Forty-licious Koozie.  Their “I’m Forty Spinner Button” is another cool idea for a forty-licious party full of fun, fun, fun.  All of these and so much more in www.spencersonline.com.  Turning forty is a milestone. So the forty-licious party should be lively, oozing with energy, and memorable because turning 40 is like turning 18.

If you need more 40th birthday ideas, and other cool stuff from unique clothing to home accessories, and even naughty stuff check them out at list of 40th birthday ideas to make.

Spencer online is the coolest and funkiest online store I have come across so far.  It is a jack of all trade Online Store.



Which 40th birthday gift  from www.spencersonline.com would you give to a friend?

Please leave your comments and creative responses below.

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Where there are kids, there are CLUTTERS…

My kids are both in their toddlerhood.

It is the stage where they are whirlwind of activities – happily playing with the toys, throwing the toys, climbing the chairs, trying to plug the appliances, playing with the phones, trying out shoes, reaching for whatever is hanged….

The list never stops there. It goes on and on.  . . .

They just never stop until their last drop of energy. It’s like this the whole day long.

So what happens?


Ribbet collage


Oh my…

My husband and I try to neat things up in the evening when they are already asleep.  We are unable to do this, though every night as there are evenings when we’re just too tired from work that you just don’t mind the clutters at all.

Come the next morning it’s going to be a repeat performance from Summer and Derick.




Do you have clutters at home?

Please leave tour comments and creative responses below ^_^

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เขากลุกกะปิ: Kao-gloggapi

Wondering what the heck is this Kao-glogggapi?

Yup, it does sound strange and in Thai it’s quite difficult to pronounce.

This strange word is actually a name of a yummy and nutritious Thai food.  Unlike the Kao-phat-mhoo (fried rice with pork) and Kao- mhoo- thot (Rice with fried pork) , Kao- gloggapi is unpopular among foreigners.




fried rice

fried pork

fried anchovies

shredded scrambled eggs

sliced red and/or green chillies

sliced onions

fried shrimps

shredded unripe mango

shredded raw cabbage



Easy, just put all ingredients in one plate in whatever proportion depending on your appetite… voila!!

DSC00089               DSC00090



What do you think of this food?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^




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Eat your way to sexiness