Our Family’s Precious Weekend

For parents who are very busy, weekends are tremendously precious.  So during weekends, we take the opportunity to bond as a family…. in the zoo.  It is our favorite destination this year.  Aside from it houses numerous number of various animals, it also has a huge pool which I will be blogging in a few days.  On top of these reasons, we get to go there for free.  Why? click here for the answer.

In the past whenever we go there, we take bunch and bunch of pictures of the animals, but we only had a few family pictures.  So now, we have these….



We also got the chance to feed them.


The kids had fun.

It was fun.

It was educational.




How about you? How was your weekend?

Please leave your comments and creative responses below.

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Summer Photoshoot


Summer collage

Our little girl likes to pose for the camera anytime anywhere.  This is her recent pictures.  My husband was just cleaning his camera and stuff when she said, “Papa take my picture”.

As a mom I love it.  It’s something that I wanted to do when I was young, but never had the chance. Now, she’s fulfilling it for me.  She’s a natural.  She is photogenic.  Something that I am fruitlessly trying to be until now, lol.

qqeustWhat do you think?



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Cha-Manaw: Lemon Iced Tea

lemon iced tea

My ultimate favorite Thai drink is the Cha-Manaw or the lemon Iced Tea, which comes in variants of hot (Cha-Manaw-Ron) and cold Cha-Manaw (Cha-Manaw-Yen). It’s main ingredients are tea juice, extracted from dried tea plant, and Manaw or lemon.

For the cold lemon iced tea, this is how they do it –  mix the extracted tea juice and sugar together in a small cup.  Pour this solution in a bigger container or cup full of ice.  Then squeeze a quarter of lemon into it.  You may increase the amount of lemon according to your own preference.  I personal like it with a lot of lemon juice.

For the hot lemon tea, just follow the instruction above except the ice part.

It is served by peddlers on the street and even in the most posh restaurant in Thailand.  Thai people from all walks of life, from kids to oldies drink Cha-Manaw.

So it’s no surprise if Thailand like India, China, and Japan has low incidence of gout, a form of arthritis. Lemon (Manaw) is an integral part of their diet.  Lemon juice is extremely beneficial in combating joint pains and gout.  It helps expel uric acid in urine. Uric acid is a by-product of the breakdown of purine-rich food like legumes, nuts, anchovies, organ meat, meat extracts, spinach, mushrooms, and alcohol and other beverages.  Excessive level of uric acid results to its crystallization and deposition in joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Consequently causing joint pains.

Below are food that help lower uric acid;

Oranges,  Papayas,  Kiwifruit, Strawberries, Bell pepper, Broccoli, Bananas, Celery, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Parsley, Pineapple, Cocoa, Vegetable oils, and Water

qqeust  What is your favorite health drink?

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Te Amo Ryan

February is the love month.  Its the time of the year when we can loosen up and get mushy/corny a bit.  OMG, saying this already sounds mushy to me. Well, I have to summon all my guts. I am not the expressive type of  person. One classic example was, when my husband and I were still boyfriend-girlfriend he told me “I love you”, I replied “Thank you”.  LOL. Not because I don’t feel the same way, but it’s just that I’m not used to saying this, thus saying it sound so mushy.

For me, Love, like faith is something that needs not be said.  But sometimes, like what my husband says, it’s also good to hear those things/attributes that are loved and appreciated by the partner. So I am summoning all my guts. I am stepping out from my comfort zone.  Here I will enumerate the things that makes my heart beat for you Dear Ryan. So here it goes.  I LOVE YOU BECAUSE…….

1.  You are head over heels in love with me.  LOL. Oh so conceited of me. But yeah this is true.  I see and feel this everyday.

2.  You are ever patient with my mood swings.  Although this had already been stretched to its limit many times, it is renewed everytime.

3.  You work your butt out to eke out our finances.

4.  You completely trust me with our finances, even if it means tendering your hard-earned money to me.

5.  You love and care for our kids so much.

6.  You don’t smoke, drink, and gamble.

7. You always value my opinion may it be for personal or family-related decision making.

8.  You understand my insecurities, whims, and fears.

9.  You still find me sexually attractive despite the added pounds.

10.  Finally, you are handsome. (Guys, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.) LOL!



Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^

Happy Valentine to everyone!


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Do you have a lot of pictures but were never in any of them? (Is carrying a tripod worth the hassle)


The hassle of lugging around a heavy tripod during photography is no longer new to any photographer. Others, would even choose the heaviest and the most stable tripod especially if they will be shooting on water(ie. beach, lakes) or on windy locations.

But for a non-professional photographer who just likes to shoot some scenery with the family, is it worth the hassle of carrying a tripod?

For me… it is a big YES!!! Whether your cam is a DSLR or a point and shoot camera it is always convenient to have a tripod.

1. First reason… the photographer can join the picture taking.

Have you ever gone on a trip or celebrate an occasion where some one is always missing in the photos? and then everybody just says… “oh he was the one behind the camera” LOL!

2. It won’t be such a bother asking someone you don’t know to take the photo.

A tripod won’t be complaining if you ask it to hold and shoot the camera again.

3. A tripod has got very steady hands! ^_^ LOL!

4. You would be able to pose with out holding back or feel shy knowing that the tripod won’t really mind at all.

These are some of our family shots taken using a Benro tripod.





Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^
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The Family went to Phuket.

phuket 2

Planning for a relaxed, laid-back, nature-themed getaway? Don’t go to Phuket.

Phuket is not really a very romantic and relaxing place to go to.  A lot of people for sure will disagree with me on this.  This is my stand, though.  Prior to going there, I had the same idea as most people. But after two trips to Phuket, I already know that it is no place for relaxation.

Don’t get me wrong! Phuket is a nice and very progressive city. It is one of Thailand’s business hubs. But for a long-awaited and well-deserved vacay with your special someone or your family, I hardly think Phuket is the right place.  If you are planning to go there to have quality time or to relax, I don’t think Phuket is the place.

Heavy traffic is one of the worst that I have experienced.  You can’t go to a temple and expect to get out within an hour because you will be spending quarter to a half an hour getting through and another 15 to 20 minutes looking for space to park.  From a distance the scenery is really spectacular with the eye-catching, well-designed villas on the mountain slopes and beautiful hotels by the beach, but if you take a closure look the water is full of rubbish. The water is dangerous and not suitable for swimming for kids, even for me. LOL. The strong rush of the waves towards the shore is quite typical but what really scared us the most was when the water recedes back to the sea it sucks you back so strong that you have to dig your feet deep into the sand to avoid stumbling over. We have been to many beaches. We live near a beach in our home town Davao in the Philippines but we have not experienced such pull by a receding wave. So, we have to stay really very near the shore. Very near that it is as if you are already swimming in sand. I particularly did not enjoy my swim.  I was worried and desperately trying to take all the sand from my skin the whole time.  I was stressed instead.

There are a lot of big shopping malls, bars, spas, and restaurants, though.  But for me these are just side dishes.  The main course, which is the reason why we went there in the first place isn’t what exactly as advertised.  It did not meet our expectation of clean, relaxing, and tranquil nature.

If I’d go back to Phuket, it would definitely be for a different reason other than vacay.  I would recommend Ao Nang Krabi and Island hopping for your vacay here.

No wonder I don’t remember that much of Phuket except the fact that we spent most of our time in the car.

What is your idea of Phuket?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^

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Home-made Playdough

playdough making        dough

For Design and technology, our kids made a HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH.  They love it.  I love it as well! It brings out the child in me. LOL.

This playdough is safe because it is toxic free.  It is made from ingredients we usually used for cooking and baking.  One of my students even tasted the  mixture while stirring it.

This is a good stuff for our kids specially the kinaesthetic ones.  This will also enhance their imagination, improve their motor skills and knowledge in craft.




1 cup of all-purpose flour

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of salt

1 tablespoon oil

2 tablespoons of cream of tartar

1/4 teaspoon food coloring



1.  Measure all ingredients.

2.  Pour all the ingredients in one bowl.

3.  Stir until the mixture has a fine texture.

4. Cook it over a moderate heat for 2 to 4 minutes.

5. Put the playdough on a table or bowl dried and coated with flour.

6. Let it cool down.

7. Time to play dough!


Go try this! It’s easy.  Your going to love it.


Leave your comments and creative responses below. ^_^


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