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My Derick has just turned one year old.  We bought him a Neo sorter toy by Wonderworld, Thailand.

It says;  it develops the visual-spatial and logical skills of the child.  I like that! Learning while playing.   Aside from this, it is also made from old rubber trees that do not produce latex anymore.    The paint or color used on the box is made from water-based paint.   The whole packaging including the box itself is made from 70 percent recycled paper..   Although, it is expensive based on my standard, I thought it was a good buy.  It is durable. Most all, it is eco-friendly and educational.  For me, we should not only think of things that will give our kids immediate happiness.  But we should also think and do whatever we can to help them have a quality future.

At this point, Derick nibbles on the geometric shapes, and throws them around.  It’s Summer who enjoys playing with it.


What toys did you give your kids when they were 1?

A Tribute to My Mama: Health is Wealth

Death to most of us is really painful.  I say condolence and feel sad whenever someone I know dies. But the feeling I felt honestly was superficial.  I know that now.  When Mama died, the pain was unfathomable.  Now I am in their shoes.  Now I know how it really feels to lose someone dear to you.  As I give the previous days some reflection, I have learned two very precious points.  At this very moment,  I am giving these 2 points importance and priority.


Health is wealth.  We should take care of ourselves! Let’s learn to repay ourselves.  Love ourselves because life is short.  Learn to priorities our health because without it, everything else would be impossible to do.  Mama was only 62.  For me, had she taken her health seriously, she could have at least lived 10 to 20 years more of  her life.  She could have hugged her grandchildren a million times more.

Re-assess the food that we take into our body.  As we grow chronologically, our body’s needs change.  There might be a need to go slow on some food that we used to eat by the bulk like meat, rice, legumes and nuts. There is also a need to include food in our diet that we don’t usually eat like fish, fruits and vegetables.

Exercise plays a very important role in keeping our health at its good.  As we grow, out metabolism slows down, so together with changes in the diet, more exercise is also needed.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.  In order to prevent sickness, maintain cleanliness in our homes and ourselves.  Women must be extra careful as we are more prone to bacteria that causes UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)  and vaginosis.


Let’s not play quack doctors.  We do this for various reasons.  Some people are scared or just loathe the idea of staying in the hospital. It could be that they don’t like needles or they hate the smell of hospital.  Others might be very busy to make an appointment with their doctor.  But for most Filipinos, which is a very sad reality, people would rather self-diagnose themselves or go to a quack doctor because hospitalization is very costly.  With meager income for most Filipinos,  health insurance is a luxury rather than a necessity.  And government hospitals are either full or simply unaccommodating.

Despite these realities or whatever circumstances we may be, it is still wise to seek advice from medical experts.  We might just have to re-think and redo our budget.  To prevent the burden of giving out big amount of money every medical  check up or hospitalization, it would help to set aside a few hundreds for this reason every payday.  And don’t forget to use your Philhealth if you have.




Why is it that death, although it brings sadness and other negative emotions in us, it also brings enlightenment?


A Tribute to My Mama

The word SEPSIS was just another medical term I heard from a nurse friend.  She said that it’s VERY DANGEROUS AND CAN BE VERY FATAL.  It was just another term, we heard from other people telling their tales of a friend, a relative etc etc… but not until recently.  One December weekend, the weekend before the term 1 final exam, before the term break, before the Christmas parties, I received an email from my sister saying Mom is in the hospital, blood pressure was very low. A day after, yet another email, Mom vomitted blood.  A day after, Mom is now in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), creatinine is very high.  A day after, Mom is in septic shock.  Mama hung on for another 2 days, and let go 3 hours after my daughter and I arrived at the hospital.  Goodness.  With a blink of an eye, mama was gone.  That fast!  Until now, there are moments when I found myself in disbelief.

So, what in the world is SEPSIS?

Sepsis is a very serious medical condition where the body reacts severely to bacterial, fungal, or viral infection.  This infection may start in the bloodstream, bone, kidney, lining of the brains, gall bladder, skin, lungs, or liver. Sepsis does not arise on its own. It stems from other medical condition such urinary tract infection, bacterial pnuemonia, appendicitis and invasive medical procedures, insertion of catheter, surgery, and bedsores.

Fast breathing and change in mental status that ranges from mild to severe can be the earliest signs of sepsis.  This is due to a very low blood pressure, which results from series of reactions the moment the infection sets in.  With this, the body is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, resulting in failure of major organs like the brain, lungs, kidney, and liver. Other general symptoms are chills, hypothermia or fever, delirium and light-headedness.

This illness is really scary.  It would help so much to be vigilant with our health and most especially vigilant with hospital practices.  It is difficult to prove, but I have this gut feeling that a lot of our medical practitioners are not following strict protocols.  My mother got sepsis barely a month after she had RASPA.  I also found out that she had untreated UTI.  This has really bothered me up until now.  Did the hospital know about my Mom’s UTI? If so, shouldn’t they treat it first before doing any medical procedure? One internet source said UTI should be treated first.  If not, isn’t urinalysis one of the tests they should run before clearing any patient for medical procedure? My sisters and I are planning of taking hold of my Mom’s medical records.  I hope it will answer my questions.  I pray that the hospital did not make any mistake!

I would appreciate any ideas you have with regard to the questions I have above.


Expat Babies Travel 101

For expat mommies who have kids born in Thailand and will be travelling out of the country for the first time, it is important to bring 2 very essential documents aside from your kid’s passport.  These are your child’s birth certificate both Thai and the English Translation, photocopies of the birth certificate.

Summer and I went to the Philippines for an emergency visit.  As I was travelling with a kid, I didn’t want to bring any check-in luggage.  It would definitely lessen the hassle. So I packed just the basic necessities, and a few shirts and shorts for Summer and I.  I did not bother to really think about the documents to bring, which I normally do when travelling.  I would even bring the not so necessary papers. But I was in a hurry, so I just brought my work permit, contract, and our passports.  At first I did not bring the birth certificate thinking that the passport is already one good identification.  When we were about to go I turned to my husband and asked ” should i bring Summer’s birth-certificate?”  He glared with a huff and said “Dalaa uie! Naunsa gud!” (Bring it! ) and hurriedly took Summer’s birth certificate.

I was so thankful.  I listened to my intuition.  We were held a bit longer than usual in the immigration section of Hatyai International Airport.  I was glad as well that we went there really very early.  Had we used “Filipino or Thai time”, it would have been a disaster. Summer’s passport was “clean” – no stamps, no visa, no departure card.  This had caused confusion to the officer.  He had to make a call. And this scared me a bit.  Although, technically everything is good.  Summer was born in Thailand, we got her passport in the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok. It’s her first time to travel out of Thailand. The officer talked on the phone for a long time, asking questions every now and then – where did you get this passport?  Where did you give birth to Summer? I listened intently to their conversation, and was relieved when the officer mentioned “ohk dai, chai mai?” (She can go out, right?).  He then asked for the original and photocopy of the birth certificate.

At that moment, I was so thankful to all the angels who gave me that pressing feeling to ask and confirm to bring the birth certificate.  I was thinking. OMG! Had I not brought the birth certificate, what would have had happened?  Would they have asked me to go back home and get the document? or Would have they simply refused passage for Summer?


Do you have any similar experience with the immigration?


Feel free to post your comments, reactions, opinions or even share you own experience.  Cheers!



Summer in Jollibee Philippines

Shout out!

Shout out to 2 good people who helped me out in my time of need. Char! hehehe… THANK YOU SO MUCH! ARIGATOU GOSAIMASU! MUCHOS GRACIAS! KHAUP KHUN MAK Krhup! to Mai Mai and to her lovidoo Martin! for baby-sitting my soon to be one year old baboy este… baby boy Derick. With out them my extra classes would have been in shambles!!! LOL!


Barely holding!!!

9 more days to go before Mitch and my badly missed daughter Summer comes back here in Thailand

I feel like crying…

I feel super exhausted from waking up  too early, going to work (ma LATE pa gyud grrrrr), going to my extra classes then going home to a smiling baby… err…  this is my son Derick. He will turn one this Dec. 22



was I saying something? uhm…


What about?


Sleeping time!

pugay kamay ni… manghugas ug sterilize pa man diay ko ug botelya ni Derick… haaaaayst!


Lack of sleep? Seriously?

I have always prided myself as a late-night person. I can stay up very late wee into midnight, sleep for 5 to 6 hours and still be fully functional in the morning. “at least that is what i think LOL!” I have been a gamer ever since i was in high school up to now that i am already in my mid 30’s… “DOTA any one?” and as  gamers we are known to stay up very late… ^_^

But lately, my son and i have been left to fend for ourselves…  just kidding…. My wife and my daughter went home to the Philippines for a very important matter.

My son Derick who is 11 months old is left in my care. It has been 9 days since they left and i have managed to adjust to the current situation. I even thought to my self “hmmm i ain’t that bad even when left alone with a baby in my care” Hurrah for me… hurrah!!!!

Every thing is going well… except for one…..

These past few days i have been experiencing sleepiness in my classroom. I even fell asleep while i was having my speaking test. That has never happened to me before no matter how boring listening to 45 students talk one by one. One student even asked me. “Khruu Kha, huang non uh.. Tum mi?”  Teacher.. Why are you sleepy? I just shook my head and smiled coz i don’t know either.

Yesterday i really tried to analyze  what is going on.  i am positively sure that the household chores are not the reason for this. I do household chores even when my wife is here it’s just that i am doing her chores now and left my own chores undone ^_^… LOL! And also my sleeping pattern is still the same. Derick is already fast asleep by 8 pm. then i start doing some of the chores that i cannot do with Derick awake. like Wash and sterilize milk bottles, do a little laundry, clean the house so on and so forth. then sleep at around 11 pm or 12… same as usual. Then what caused this sleepiness during the day?

I was really baffled about this lack of sleep issue since this has never happened to me before.  Then the light bulb lit cartoonishly in my head realizing that… waking up 3 to 4 times to give Derick his milk during the night has caused this sleepiness. It is the only change in my sleeping habit ever since my wife went home. And indeed it is true. Last night as i was giving Derick his milk i realized that waking up to give his milk is really energy draining. The amount of energy spent to respond to his cry is just immense “Well for a sleeping person that is” No time for yawning or lingering… it’s just immediate action to get the milk bottle, or worst make the formula as fast as i can because i do not want Derick to fully awaken.. and when all the commotion dies down i try to go back to sleep… which will take for quite some time.

Now as i am typing this… i have yawned a million times , my eyes begging me for some shutdown time. LOL!
Then again i thought… Mommy’s are really awesome!!! My wife has done this with our daughter Summer and now with Derick and despite all these sleep disturbances she manages to do a lot of things in the morning and then in the evening when we get home…
Mommies are just awesome!
Lack of sleep. Now i fully understand what my wife means when she says ” Derick or Summer has taken so much of my sleeping time.
And if you ask me.. Seriously?!… I’d say yeah… Seriously .

If you have any similar situation feel free to type it in.. leave your comments, reactions etc etc… will be glad to hear from you folks… Cheers!

🙂 Ryan D.

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