Where there are kids, there are CLUTTERS…

My kids are both in their toddlerhood.

It is the stage where they are whirlwind of activities – happily playing with the toys, throwing the toys, climbing the chairs, trying to plug the appliances, playing with the phones, trying out shoes, reaching for whatever is hanged….

The list never stops there. It goes on and on.  . . .

They just never stop until their last drop of energy. It’s like this the whole day long.

So what happens?


Ribbet collage


Oh my…

My husband and I try to neat things up in the evening when they are already asleep.  We are unable to do this, though every night as there are evenings when we’re just too tired from work that you just don’t mind the clutters at all.

Come the next morning it’s going to be a repeat performance from Summer and Derick.




Do you have clutters at home?

Please leave tour comments and creative responses below ^_^

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13 thoughts on “Where there are kids, there are CLUTTERS…

  1. i think that it’s hard for people to not have a little clutter when they have children. It’s birthdays,easter,christmas, and then the random grandparent gifts that get in the way.

    Good luck at figuring out a plan!

  2. Hi, Mitch! Hindi ka nag-iisa. Everyday disaster din sa house dahil sa kalikutan ni Y. Pero mas pipiliin ko pa ang magulong bahay kesa noon na napakalinis nga pero kaming 2 lang namin ni M. 🙂

  3. Both my children are in their teens, when they were little I had clutter, now that they are older the clutter is confined to their rooms…LOL

  4. Our apartment is like that also. What I do is I let my little boy keep his clutter after playing and before going to sleep. I usually give him a reward (milk) for keeping his toys.

  5. Same here…good thing, because she goes to school already, the idea of packing up after playtime’s highly encouraged. it’s getting better now as she’s getting used to doing it both at home and in school. When I was training her before, I won’t let her get another toy unless the old toy’s kept.

  6. It is like this in our house. We have the same cycle everyday, the little boys makes a mess then mommy cleans up after him. I wish we had a bigger house so that Henry can have his own playroom. (Wishful thinking, to the nth level.)

  7. We sure do have a lot of clutters at home. It’s kind of a cycle, I would tidy things up and then just an hour later, it’s like no cleaning has happened. I’m trying to create a habit of decluttering, but sometimes I just get lazy because it’s too repetitive. LOL! I guess it’s just the way it is with a toddler who never stops exploring.

  8. Hi Mitchelle,

    I have a toddler (4yrs old) and 8months old. My little girl always leave the house cluttered with her toys. But when I say clean up, she always does. Sound easy right? but it is not. It was a long process started while she was 3.

    Thank you so much for joining Linkin’ with my Ladies Blog hop. I appreciate following me via pinterest, FB and G+. Followed you back via twitter,pinterest & networked blogs.


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