When I Was A Fairy

Being a flower girl is the closest thing to being a fairy, and being a fairy is every little girls’ dream, isn’t it?

Dream, make believe, imagination, whatever you call it is a memorable part of every child’s life.  These prepare children for the real world.  These are significant in the child’s cognitive development and achievement later on in life. These might seem trivial to unaware adults, but all these are important ways with which children effectively learn the basics needed for their future.

I remember getting so excited whenever I get picked up as a flower girl in a wedding.  Wearing that kind of dress, make up, holding a basket full of petals, and throwing these as I walk slowly down the aisle felt like I was in fairyland.  I still remember those days, and I love remembering them.

Now, living away from home, I’m grateful that my daughter had a chance to become a flower girl at a friend’s wedding.  She was thrilled and was without herself with excitement.  She loves her dress and was ecstatic with her colorful flower headdress.  Everything went well during the wedding.  There was no complain of itchiness, tightness, or whatsoever.  Great!

I kept her flower girl dress for souvenir’s sake, and every now and then, she would wear and play make-believe.

Have you ever been a flower girl? How did it feel?

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