Total Solar Eclipse: Thailand

IMG_5179 (2)
Solar Eclipse, Thailand March 9, 2016 Photo by Ryan D.

With the sky so cloudy, the spectators did not really get to see the moon move into the path and cover the entire disks of the sun revealing the corona. The sky cleared up though as the shadow of the moon was moving slowly away from the sun.

It was, nevertheless, a good experience for kids whose experiencing it for the first time. They got to use the filters issued by the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand.  They got curious about the sun and the moon; and ask many questions like. Why do we have to use this? Why is it not good to look directly at the sun? Why is the sun’s color different in this photo? Why couldn’t I see the moon?


For me though, this solar eclipse is not as thrilling as the 1995 total solar eclipse in Davao City Philippines.  It was fascinating.  It happened on a broad daylight, so there was a few minutes of total darkness, some roosters even crowed.

There are 4 kinds of solar eclipses( total, annular, partial, and hybrid ), which of these have you already observed?

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