Silent Outcry

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It’s just amazing how life can flip the coin from wonderful moments to strings of frustrating events.Just a few weeks ago, together with a friend, I went island hopping, snorkeling and kayaking in Ao Nang Krabi Thailand. It was wonderful! The scenery was beautiful. I had the time of my life. I especially enjoyed snorkeling, although, I stayed very close to shore and wore life jacket. In spite of that, it was an awesome experience.A week after this, came strings of soul-dampening events. First, the Philippines (where I unfortunately came from) has rice shortage. This is not something new to the Filipinos, but the situation has just gotten worst over the years. It makes me think that the country is hopeless and the citizenry are doomed. According to authorities the prices of rice will undoubtedly jack-up, the then 30 pesos per kilo rice will skyrocket to as high as 100 pesos. Second, not a bag of rice is sold in supermarkets of Hatyai Thailand, where I am currently working as a teacher. Why??? RICE SHORTAGE!!!!! Oh my gosh!! What’s happening?? Just months before I was bragging to my family that basic commodities such rice and meat are cheap. And now, everything has escalated dramatically. Third, it saddens me so much that some Thais look down on other colored race including brown. Yes! Thai discriminating a fellow Asian whose every feature is as identical as that of a twin. Such a perplexing situation! Fourth, visa extension is such a headache with laws, new laws, and some more new laws, which change every month. Consequently, foreign teachers are required to attend a seminar and take a licensure examination with fees almost half of the salary we receive. This is an auspicious situation for a fortuitous teacher, but certainly not for a licensed teacher like me. It’s a redundancy. A seminar on their culture and ethics is understandable. But an examination about their laws is totally far fetched. I haven’t even memorised the laws and by-laws of the Philippines which I studied for half a year, how much more another country’s.

Well, you might be thinking quitting as a good option. I’d say NO, not just yet. For a brown monkey like me, finding a job in this racial discrimination-stricken world is not a piece of cake.

Anyway, let’s see what will happen next. God will see us through these, I am sure.

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