Lack of sleep? Seriously?

I have always prided myself as a late-night person. I can stay up very late wee into midnight, sleep for 5 to 6 hours and still be fully functional in the morning. “at least that is what i think LOL!” I have been a gamer ever since i was in high school up to now that i am already in my mid 30’s… “DOTA any one?” and as  gamers we are known to stay up very late… ^_^

But lately, my son and i have been left to fend for ourselves…  just kidding…. My wife and my daughter went home to the Philippines for a very important matter.

My son Derick who is 11 months old is left in my care. It has been 9 days since they left and i have managed to adjust to the current situation. I even thought to my self “hmmm i ain’t that bad even when left alone with a baby in my care” Hurrah for me… hurrah!!!!

Every thing is going well… except for one…..

These past few days i have been experiencing sleepiness in my classroom. I even fell asleep while i was having my speaking test. That has never happened to me before no matter how boring listening to 45 students talk one by one. One student even asked me. “Khruu Kha, huang non uh.. Tum mi?”  Teacher.. Why are you sleepy? I just shook my head and smiled coz i don’t know either.

Yesterday i really tried to analyze  what is going on.  i am positively sure that the household chores are not the reason for this. I do household chores even when my wife is here it’s just that i am doing her chores now and left my own chores undone ^_^… LOL! And also my sleeping pattern is still the same. Derick is already fast asleep by 8 pm. then i start doing some of the chores that i cannot do with Derick awake. like Wash and sterilize milk bottles, do a little laundry, clean the house so on and so forth. then sleep at around 11 pm or 12… same as usual. Then what caused this sleepiness during the day?

I was really baffled about this lack of sleep issue since this has never happened to me before.  Then the light bulb lit cartoonishly in my head realizing that… waking up 3 to 4 times to give Derick his milk during the night has caused this sleepiness. It is the only change in my sleeping habit ever since my wife went home. And indeed it is true. Last night as i was giving Derick his milk i realized that waking up to give his milk is really energy draining. The amount of energy spent to respond to his cry is just immense “Well for a sleeping person that is” No time for yawning or lingering… it’s just immediate action to get the milk bottle, or worst make the formula as fast as i can because i do not want Derick to fully awaken.. and when all the commotion dies down i try to go back to sleep… which will take for quite some time.

Now as i am typing this… i have yawned a million times , my eyes begging me for some shutdown time. LOL!
Then again i thought… Mommy’s are really awesome!!! My wife has done this with our daughter Summer and now with Derick and despite all these sleep disturbances she manages to do a lot of things in the morning and then in the evening when we get home…
Mommies are just awesome!
Lack of sleep. Now i fully understand what my wife means when she says ” Derick or Summer has taken so much of my sleeping time.
And if you ask me.. Seriously?!… I’d say yeah… Seriously .

If you have any similar situation feel free to type it in.. leave your comments, reactions etc etc… will be glad to hear from you folks… Cheers!

🙂 Ryan D.

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8 thoughts on “Lack of sleep? Seriously?

  1. First, I would like to congratulate you for a job well done. I’m sure your wife will be very proud of you.Indeed, moms are awesome. Not to many husbands/ fathers can understand what mothers are going through unless they experienced it themselves just like you do.

    In my case since I am a full time mom, I don’t want to bother my husband with taking care of our little one so as not to disturb his sleep for him to have the needed energy for work the next day but I am sure he understands why I woke up late most of the time especially that I am still breastfeeding our baby.

  2. You’re just like my husband! He loves his video games. And to be honest, I’ve played a lot of them too back in high school and college just so I can understand what all the fuss is about. But now that I’m a Mom, I don’t have time for them anymore! But he certainly does! He doesn’t play DOTA anymore though, it takes too much time and can get him addicted to it again. So I’m happy with supplying him with his yearly 2K NBA games and such for his PS3.

    1. Hey… fellow gamers! LOL! Oo nga! my wife mitch played a little during our college years and she was into it also… We used to hang out at an internet cafe in down town Davao and stayed until 2 am. Counter Strike was the money making game. LOL! remembering those years. Now is just online DOTA for me… Thanks to wives like you who understand husbands like us…. Cheers! ^_^

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