Koh Lipeh

One of the best islands I’ve been to in Thailand is Koh Lipeh.  Koh meaning Island, so the island of Lipeh.  My friends and I had a blast. We always have smiles in our faces every time we reminisce those moments.  We went there by super speedboat.  It was damn scary.    It felt like we were just gliding up and down the big waves.  There were few times when it felt like the boat was falling especially after a big wave.  I had the same feeling when I first went on a Ferris Wheel back in my primary years, which I swore never to ride again. Anyway, the ride was super fast.  It could dry your mouth, and blow your saliva into the air whenever you speak. My gosh… the wind was so strong it could distort your face. LOL!

Finally!!! Arrived in beautiful Koh Lipeh in one piece.

I love the long stretch of fine powdery sand of the seashore. All of the beaches here are not fenced, unlike in the  Philippines especially in our city of Davao.

It is public. It is for all. Even if you own acres of land fronting  the seashore, you can never own the shore itself.


There are so many cottages to choose from. There are cottages near the shore, and the expensive ones up on the hill.  You can always compromise/bargain with the owners. This gives us more budget for other activities we want to do.  There were four of us, but the owner allowed us to rent a cottage for two.

Night life in Koh Lipeh is exciting.  There are many restaurants and bars to choose from.  They are not very strict about the number of drinks you order. As long as you order something, they are a OK with that.

Another time-worth activities that will give you good memories for a lifetime are snorkeling and island hopping.  It’s a whole day activity.  A long tail boat will take you to different islands from any point in Koh Lipeh.  You can snorkel at the middle of the sea, or swim once you reach the islands. Be sure to bring your underwater camera, it’s totally an experience of a lifetime. I was able to snorkel in one of the islands with the help of my good friend Tom Hoffmeister. The water is clear and clean.  There were many corals and fish.

Or if you don’t feel like doing these, you can just stay on the island..lay down by the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.


The best time to go there is August to April.  From May to July, sea waves are gigantic.

I am so glad I was able to do this.  It felt good. I feel good recalling those days.

Have you been to any place in Thailand? Which one did you enjoy the most?

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3 thoughts on “Koh Lipeh

    1. Yup..that’s true. But I still think Palawan is more beautiful, although I’ve never been there. The big difference is the price. Going to Koh Lipeh is affordable. Palawan is expensive.

      1. hahaha… that is true…. but of course we have to consider the plane ticket coming here. but the thing is once you are in Thailand and you have pre planned your destinations… it is really cheaper compared to travelling in the Philippines. I went home just last summer for a one month vacation… i just stayed in Davao and went to its picturesque destinations for a walk around photo shoot… i could not believe i spent an incredible amount that would have paid for a Phuket trip twice… ^_^

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