If I Have A Magic Wand…..

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I am tempted to say “magic wand make me the richest woman in the world!”.

But on second thoughts, it is very shallow and egocentric. In the long run, I’m thinking, would I be truly happy inundated in all beautiful and comfortable things my money could possible give me while others do not even have a penny in their pocket? Would I be truly happy while others rummage through trash for food? Would I be truly happy while a child who lost her mom to this ridiculously greed-driven war draws a pretend mom on the ground?

No, I wouldn’t.

Instead I would ask my magic wand to plant seeds of goodness to hearts where there is none; strengthen this goodness where it has been forgotten.


– Mitchelle –


If you have a magic wand…. what would you do?




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6 thoughts on “If I Have A Magic Wand…..

  1. If I had a magic wand, I’d love to make a lot of money appear too. It would certainly solve a lot of my financial concerns. But, I know it will not necessarily make my life happier. So, I’d probably just wish for good health and a good, happy life for myself and my loved ones.

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