Fun Weekend Trips for Couples

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Everyone needs to get-away now and again. Sure, it’s great spending days at home with the kids…but there are times when you simply need a break, to relax and devote uninterrupted moments to your partner. The following are five ideas for romantic, fun, and inexpensive weekend trips for couples.

Take a Road-trip:

Time spent on the road is the perfect way to reconnect and return to simpler days. Set aside your cell phones and computers and experience the beauty of nature together. Choose a weekend retreat within a few hours of your home, play some tunes, sing, and talk about the things that matter most. Plan a mule ride along a canyon trail, or hike to a campground where you can cuddle up in your tent at night. If your trip is limited to a single day, stop at a winery, pack a picnic, or take a day hike. The possibilities are limitless, and the goal is to enjoy!

Weekend Getaways

Casino Weekend:

Head out to the closest casino. With bright gambling lights surrounding the globe, most couples can head out to a resort without having to travel far. The games and accommodations will differ, depending on the location, but the objective is all about pleasure… and possibly striking it rich!  Find some slots and roulette games to play, dress up for a night on the town, enjoy a couple’s message, or recline in your luxurious hotel suite.

Take a Weekend Cruise:

Another great way to enjoy gambling, as well as fine dining, dancing, and the spa life, is to set out on a weekend cruise. Cruising is an awesome way to relax, enjoy great entertainment, shop, swim, and spend valuable hours together. You may find that you love cruising so much that you’ll decide to take the kids along the next time… there are few family adventures as incredible as a Disney Cruise!

Rent a Cabin or a House:

Renting a cabin, apartment, or house for the weekend is a great way to take off and experience the creature comforts of home. Look for a house rental in a great location… a wilderness area, or close to the seashore. Enjoy the morning preparing your own breakfast, curl up by the fireplace at night, watch some DVDs without interruptions, and simply hang out together. You could even find a rental with a Jacuzzi, barbeque pit, and/or a boathouse with a kayak!

House Rentals

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town:

If all this sounds like a little more than you had in mind, why not become a tourist in your own town. Most cities have amazing boutique hotels as well as quant bed-and-breakfasts. In a very short time, you’ll be packed up and checked in. Explore the shops and galleries where you’ve always wanted to linger. Order room service, lounge poolside, and sip cocktails in the lounge. There’s so little stress, and local specials are available.  Drink hot cappuccinos at a sidewalk café, browse the bookstores, and enjoy romance away from, yet close to, home.

With so many awesome weekend trips for couples, it’s simply a matter of choosing the get-away that’s right for both you and your sweetheart!





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28 Responses to Fun Weekend Trips for Couples

  1. Caleb says:

    A great weekend getaway is going camping. Enjoying the outdoors away from society is an awesome way to spend your weekend with the one you love. There are so many things you can do i.e. kayaking, fishing, hiking and much more.

  2. Mommy Pehpot says:

    great tips! but if you have kids, fun weekend means a date at the nearest isawan haha
    Mommy Pehpot recently posted..The Moonshine Jungle Tour: Bruno Mars Live in Manila Tickets From Max’sMy Profile

  3. mark says:

    Renting out a cabin or a small house works for me n my wife whenever we need to getaway.
    mark recently posted..Advanced Elements AE1007-r Inflatable Kayak ReviewMy Profile

  4. Algene says:

    Of all the things listed above, I believe na the best yung weekend cruise. Some couples these days are busy with their work to the point that they start to forget spending quality time with their partners. A cruise ship trip will make up for the lost hours :)

  5. The only thing that we haven’t done on this list is the cruise. I hope we can go on a cruise soon.
    Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen recently posted..Banana Strawberry SmoothieMy Profile

  6. emiliana says:

    We love road trips. Travelling satisfies our need for food adventure and new discoveries.
    emiliana recently posted..King Bee opens at Fisher MallMy Profile

  7. We had tried all of them except on a cruise, and thus remind us when we’ll visit Greece or Italy soon. :)

  8. Franc Ramon says:

    Road trip and traveling to new places can really refresh a couples relationship.
    Franc Ramon recently posted..When the Shoe Does Not Fit, There’s SpencoMy Profile

  9. jane says:

    be a tourist in your own town is a must for me and my hubby i guess! it would be a sweet one to do
    jane recently posted..Basic Things You Must Know When Buying a Perfect Cocktail DressMy Profile

  10. Weekend cruise sounds fun, exciting and romantic. It’s like watching the sunset ala Titanic.
    Michael Macalos recently posted..Infinite BlackMy Profile

  11. Germz says:

    i definitely need this one. i noticed i’m already being loaded with all the stuffs in work and mini business.tsk
    Germz recently posted..Starting Over Again: A Typical Pinoy Love Story with a Real TwistMy Profile

  12. Janice says:

    I love weekend road trips! I just wish that my hubby and I can go by ourselves some times. Usually we bring our three kids, which is fun too, of course. But we need more couple time!
    Janice recently posted..WAHM Lessons: Valuing My TimeMy Profile

  13. Sometimes, we really have to think a different ways to explore our emotions. The mere fact is that, even though we knew that our lives are boring in nature, still we prefer to accept it blankly. Your suggestions are very perfect, just to get away from the cities.
    Fernando Lachica recently posted..3 Tips to Seduce Women and Have Them Love You For ItMy Profile

  14. LOL, we just did the casino weekend today. it’s fun to try something new and to explore which among the two of us is luckier hehehe XD

  15. Having road trip and spending a weekend together is really unwinding! It is your chance to have a quality time together after working 40 hours a week. haha. What a very timely post.
    Gabriela Fernandez recently posted..#PHThankYouMy Profile

  16. Roch says:

    These are great tips for couples to bond in their own quality time. Sometimes vacation is really important to stay away from stress and keep the relationship burning alive.

  17. Wanderer Juan says:

    These are great suggestions for couples who want to try different things whenever they go out.
    Wanderer Juan recently posted..Tourism Malaysia Holiday Brochure Launch: Tara Na Sa Malaysia!My Profile

  18. Cindy b says:

    These are great ideas! I think the road trip idea is excellent. It’s generally inexpensive and there is something about being stuck in a car together that leaves nothing else to do but talk and reconnect!
    Cindy b recently posted..The Perfect Mix of Comfort and Style: Fresh Produce Dress ReviewMy Profile

  19. Weekend road trips are nice not only for couples but for groups as well. Sometimes, I just want to drive somewhere far and just enjoy the scenery as I pass by.
    Keneth Cabasi recently posted..Wednesday: FirstsMy Profile

  20. andi says:

    LOVELY – enjoy your weekend!
    andi recently posted..Presidents Day Sale – DiscountMags.Com!My Profile

  21. alaine says:

    My husband and I enjoy road trips every weekend! :) I think it’s an activity that we enjoy the most.
    alaine recently posted..Our thoughts on Zomato’s write for a bite contest and Mesclun BistroMy Profile

  22. The four suggestions are so practical and quite affordable things to do except in going to Casino. We never indulge in gambling.
    Gil Camporazo recently posted..Elder Collado Inspires La Carlota Saints Towards Their Eternal ProgressionMy Profile

  23. leira says:

    I want to try this a quick unscheduled trip to Batangas or something like that except that my husband wants to stay at home and just watch TV,

  24. I think an ideal weekend fun for me is a road trip to either Subic, Tagaytay or Batangas. I’m a sucker for roadtrips and a simple but fun trip with someone close to my heart would be a great Valentine’s Day.
    Yamito Uytingco Calamba recently posted..CloseUp Forever Summer 2014 Launch featuring Thomas Gold at RepubliqMy Profile

  25. pauperslens says:

    This is something we both need! A timeout from all the commotion at home! LOL!
    pauperslens recently posted..Don’t Delete Old Boring PhotosMy Profile

  26. My husband and I love going on road trips. It has always been our bonding activity ever since we started dating.
    Kim Timbol-Reyes recently posted..Finally home on St. Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  27. Patty | MrsC says:

    Weekend road trips are my favorite! I love discovering new places where we can hang out, eat and enjoy :)
    Patty | MrsC recently posted..Little MrC and His First ValentineMy Profile

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