If I Have A Magic Wand…..



I am tempted to say “magic wand make me the richest woman in the world!”.

But on second thoughts, it is very shallow and egocentric. In the long run, I’m thinking, would I be truly happy inundated in all beautiful and comfortable things my money could possible give me while others do not even have a penny in their pocket? Would I be truly happy while others rummage through trash for food? Would I be truly happy while a child who lost her mom to this ridiculously greed-driven war draws a pretend mom on the ground?

No, I wouldn’t.

Instead I would ask my magic wand to plant seeds of goodness to hearts where there is none; strengthen this goodness where it has been forgotten.


– Mitchelle –


If you have a magic wand…. what would you do?




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Empowered Kids: When Kids Decide To Do It Themselves

Kids are very expressive.  They like to imitate adults, and explore on their own.  Whatever creative moments your little ones show could be a window to skills and talents hidden inside that need to be honed.  Let it out, do not suppress it.



This corner showcases all the creative things our little ones do, captured in photos. Be featured here by submitting your kid’s photos at mitchelle.juaban@gmail.com with a short description.






Sometimes when she’s so caught up in her own magical world, Summer comes up with these creations.




Disclaimer: By submitting your photos to mitchelle.juaban@gmail.com you are affirming you own the copyright to the photo and that you give permission for MitchRyan’s Blog to reuse your image anywhere on the website, including but not limited to the MitchRyan’s Blog, as well as using your image on MitchRyan’s pages on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest.


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Kids Academy Mobile Apps Review

Playing games is every child’s world.  They live, interact, and learn in this world.  The more engaging and fun the game is, the better.  During these formative years of 2 to 5 years old, kids are like sponges.  They assimilate information fast. But these information could be put to waste if it is not retained.  Kids have higher probability of retaining information for a longer period of time, if the experience is fun and memorable.  So the key here is making every learning opportunities FUN and ENGAGING.

Nowadays, we should use technology to our advantage.  Two-year old kids already know their way around an ipad, a laptop, and android phones.  Sometimes,they are even better than adults.  Since they are so hooked up to these, why not use these to help them learn numbers and alphabets.

Kids Academy Mobile Apps is totally fun and engaging.  Every game is design to make FUN EDUCATIONAL.

First stop, a note to the parents will pop up first thing when you open this application.  It encourages parents and guardians to guide the kids during their first usage.




The games promote the development of fine motor skills for toddlers. They will be asked to trace the letters and follow instructions and the rules of the game.  The entire time, your kid’s auditory ability will be harnessed as they need to listen to instructions to complete the task. But the instructions are clear, simple, and easy to understand.




I find it helpful that each task is repeated twice, as this will reinforce what they did the first time.




They are ask to say the name of the letter, and trace it twice  – first with a guide and the second to trace it by themselves.  The letters are bold, allowing good vision and tracing.  The letters and background are colorful and bright, but not too busy with so many colors.  It is good that the background is white against a colorful letter as this will bring a kid’s attention on the letter and not on other things on the screen.

Other than number and letter tracing, Kids Academy Mobile Application also has phonics reading, and arithmetic operations.  I highly recommend this to parents who are looking for educational apps for their kids.  As a teacher myself, I also recommend this to preschool teachers.  This is also a must for nurseries and preschools as this will be a good teaching tool.


Check out Summer and Derick enjoying Kid’s Academy  Mobile Apps



For more information, please visit them

Kid’s Academy 

Kid’s Academy Facebook page

Kid’s Academy Twitter


Make fun time more educational.  Go ahead download, and share your experience with us.


Disclaimer:   The author of this blog got a free Kid’s Academy Mobile Apps to be reviewed.  She is also financially compensated by Sverve.com upon completion.  But rest assured that all opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.






Quit Smoking

Smoking never has any health benefit whatsoever.

It is not too late to dump this vice, though. If you are determined to do this, but wanted to do it gradually, here’s this awesome, very unconventional means of helping smokers quit,  introducing e cigaret.

With e cigaret, you have the option of having nicotine or none at all. So, if you really want to quit smoking, e cigaret could give you the psychological effect of having something in between those fingers and puffing MINUS the hazardous nicotine.



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Khun Meh Yu Nai Khrub?: Mama Where Are You?




As I’ve mentioned in my previous post Expat babies Travel 101 and Don’t Mess With Immigration Officers, that for Thailand-born babies to travel out of the country they need to have a passport.  Summer and Derick are no exceptions.  Summer already has gotten her Philippine passport last 2010.  Derick, on the other hand does not have yet.  Due to time and financial constraint, we were unable to procure him a passport early on. Consequently, he was unable to come with us to the Philippines last November.  My husband had to stay as well to look after him. All my boys were left to fend on their own.

So what happened?

Derick had to stay with his Thai nanny during the day while Papa goes to work.  During weekends, Papa needs to work extra to eke out the finances, Derick stayed with very helpful and generous Filipino couple Mai Mai and Martin.  Thanks a bunch to you guys.  So, this was the set up for 25 longs days.

When I finally came home, I was so sad because Derick did not recognize me right away.  It took 10 seconds of trying to make him remember me because he just looked at me for a second and looked away the next. I have to call his name again in the usual intonation and pitch I use, and did the gesture I usually do everytime I pick him up from his nanny. Oh gosh, that moment broke my heart.  I had a lump in my throat.

He eventually recognized me. I saw happiness and relief in his face. This probably explains why for the next few days, he just wanted to be held by me.  He cried everytime I’m out of sight.


Here’s a video of Derick with Martin in one of those weekends.




Were you ever been away from your child? How did you feel about it?


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Derick                      _MG_0403

Shout Out!                                                         A Taste of Lemon

Shout out!

Shout out to 2 good people who helped me out in my time of need. Char! hehehe… THANK YOU SO MUCH! ARIGATOU GOSAIMASU! MUCHOS GRACIAS! KHAUP KHUN MAK Krhup! to Mai Mai and to her lovidoo Martin! for baby-sitting my soon to be one year old baboy este… baby boy Derick. With out them my extra classes would have been in shambles!!! LOL!


Barely holding!!!

9 more days to go before Mitch and my badly missed daughter Summer comes back here in Thailand

I feel like crying…

I feel super exhausted from waking up  too early, going to work (ma LATE pa gyud grrrrr), going to my extra classes then going home to a smiling baby… err… 

 this is my son Derick. He will turn one this Dec. 22



was I saying something? uhm…


What about?


Sleeping time!

pugay kamay ni… manghugas ug sterilize pa man diay ko ug botelya ni Derick… haaaaayst!


Lack of sleep? Seriously?

I have always prided my self as a late-night person. I can stay up very late wee into midnight, sleep for 5 to 6 hours and still be fully functional in the morning. “at least that is what i think LOL!” I have been a gamer ever since i was in high school up to now that i am already in my mid 30’s… “DOTA any one?” and as  gamers we are known to stay up very late… ^_^

But lately, my son and i have been left to fend for ourselves…  just kidding…. My wife and my daughter went home to the Philippines for a very important matter.

My son Derick who is 11 months old is left in my care. It has been 9 days since they left and i have managed to adjust to the current situation. I even thought to my self “hmmm i ain’t that bad even when left alone with a baby in my care” Hurrah for me… hurrah!!!!

Every thing is going well… except for one…..

These past few days i have been experiencing sleepiness in my classroom. I even fell asleep while i was having my speaking test. That has never happened to me before no matter how boring listening to 45 students talk one by one. One student even asked me. “Khruu Kha, huang non uh.. Tum mi?”  Teacher.. Why are you sleepy? I just shook my head and smiled coz i don’t know either.

Yesterday i really tried to analyze  what is going on.  i am positively sure that the household chores are not the reason for this. I do household chores even when my wife is here it’s just that i am doing her chores now and left my own chores undone ^_^… LOL! And also my sleeping pattern is still the same. Derick is already fast asleep by 8 pm. then i start doing some of the chores that i cannot do with Derick awake. like Wash and sterilize milk bottles, do a little laundry, clean the house so on and so forth. then sleep at around 11 pm or 12… same as usual. Then what caused this sleepiness during the day?

I was really Baffled about this lack of sleep issue since this has never happened to me before.  Then the light bulb lit cartoonishly in my head realizing that… waking up 3 to 4 times to give Derick his milk during the night has caused this sleepiness. It is the only change in my sleeping habit ever since my wife went home. And indeed it is true. Last night as i was giving Derick his milk i realized that waking up to give his milk is really energy draining. The amount of energy spent to respond to his cry is just immense “Well for a sleeping person that is” No time for yawning or lingering… it’s just immediate action to get the milk bottle, or worst make the formula as fast as i can because i do not want Derick to fully awaken.. and when all the commotion dies down i try to go back to sleep… which will take for quite some time.

Now as i am typing this… i have yawned a million times , my eyes begging me for some shutdown time. LOL!
Then again i thought… Mommy’s are really awesome!!! My wife has done this with our daughter Summer and now with Derick and despite all these sleep disturbances she manages to do a lot of things in the morning and then in the evening when we get home…
Mommies are just awesome!
Lack of sleep. Now i fully understand what my wife means when she says ” Derick or Summer has taken so much of my sleeping time.
And if you ask me.. Seriously?!… I’d say yeah… Seriously .

If you have any similar situation feel free to type it in.. leave your comments, reactions etc etc… will be glad to hear from you folks… Cheers!

🙂 Ryan D.