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After-work means going-out time for my family.  Park, mall, and the beach are few of our favorite destinations.  However, having to go home and change into something is just too tiring. It takes time, energy; and it fades the thrill and excitement of the moment.  The yehey-we’re-going-out glee is gone.  So there could be three possible scenarios thereafter. The plan is postponed, completely cancelled, or  you’d just go with the motion of doing it because it has already been planned.

zalora thailand 2

So I thought a versatile attire should do the trick.  What I needed was something I can wear in the office and yet still be comfortable wearing while strolling around with my family later.

Zalora Thailand

Recently I got a panelled Pencil Skirt from Zalora Thailand collection. It came exactly when I needed it. The timing is just perfect. Anyway, it is elegant. It is definitely comfortable, one important quality I look for in my clothing. I love that it is made from stretchable material.  A pencil skirt sometimes can feel restrictive but because it is stretchable, you can move around comfortably without looking stiff and choked. The fabric has just the right feel.  It is neither too thin nor too thick.  It feels cool to the skin.  Being in Thailand where the weather can be very hot, it is something important to consider.

You might want to check out their wide variety of skirts, or you can simply click Zalora Thailand banner at the sidebar for discounts.

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daisy duke is back: the ultra short shorts fashion

The Daisy Duke is BACK! In the movie “Duke of Hazards we saw Jessica Simpson wearing a very skimpy shorts. The tattered jeans cut into a very short shorts.  It is very short that it seems like panties.  This is very popular to virtually ALL women.  This style is not only prominent among women endowed with super hot legs but also among women with (euphemism aside) stout and fat legs.  I mean no discrimination here.  There have been a lot of fashion trends that have not aroused the interest of over-sized women. I am simply trying to emphasize the fact that this style is truly POPULAR.

Aesthetically speaking, I should say that it really is pretty. This style is versatile. It can be worn with just about anything from  simple regular t-shirts to  fashionable tops with blazer, flat sandals, to boots, to high-heeled stilettos. This ensemble will surely boost ones confidence.  Monetarily speaking, it does not cost that much.  In fact you can just cut some of your old pair of jeans that you do not use anymore, cut it really short to the point of showing the pocket and voila! You have your short shorts.  Shorts have always been part of any woman’s wardrobe.  Only that it has taken a much smaller form this time.  Because of its versatility, practicality, and comfort not to mention its sexiness wearing such apparel during hot and sunny days is the way to go. This fashion trend in my humble opinion will stay very long.