Tooth Fairy and Ben 10

What we actually have at present are memories of our past. – MitchRyan

Whenever my sisters and I get a chance to get together, funny, crazy, and happy moments we shared are oftentimes the topic. Reminiscing those bring us back in time, reminding us of that beautiful bond that binds us together.  It would have been great though had we captured those moments on photos,  to remind us of those treasured moments by the time our memories have already failed us.

Now, it’s my kids turn to make their own.

photo by Ryan D.
photo by Ryan D.

Taken a few weeks after Sumsum Dee pulled her fourth milk tooth out on her own.  She was very proud. Here, she’s wearing a polka-dot, sleeveless dress with pink head-band which she most of the time wears like a tiara.

Ben 10 moves
Ben 10 moves

Derick Dee is wearing his favorite Ben 10 attire which he extremely adores eventough others say they look like pajamas.

They are very well on Pretend Play or Make-Believe Play phase of development. This phase in child development is thought of by theorist as very crucial in every child’s cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development.

Could you still remember your pretend play as a child?

How about your own kids, who are they pretending to be?

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What’s good cleaner For Your Mac System?


There are numerous cleaners available for Mac systems all across the Mac software stores on the web, but only a few that are developed by Apple are the best. The reason that you must prefer the company made software to use on your Mac is because they are backed completely by the technical-support. That is essentially necessary to be in your list of software, if you need a good cleaner for your system. However, other software developers and studios are also coming up with products of their own; for Mac systems. Some of them don’t stand a chance, but Movavi is one studio that has been well appreciated by the Mac users for its multiple Mac compatible products. The fact that this studio develops software that enable a Mac user to expatiate his work more accurately and comfortably on the system; makes it more perfect in every sense. Furthermore, the cost for each software is pretty reasonable and within the budget of the user.

What’s special about Movavi product for Mac?

Right now the studio is in its final stage in developing a full version of Mac cleaner, which will clean up everything that you want; optimize whatever you want and also speed up the system. Though the chances of your Mac running slow is very minimum, but if it does run slow; then it means that your system does need the necessary clean up. This includes deleting the unused registry as well as the cache files, logs, duplicates, cookies and all the other junk; which takes up the space on the hard disk. Mac Cleaner of Movavi is meant for the Mac OS X, which promises to completely remove the junk and increase the performance of your system manifold. It is designed to deliver the finest cleaning that you have always wanted, but couldn’t get from the available software.

This software allows you to clear the entire system on automatic mode. The unneeded applications, widgets, plugging and extensions would not just be uninstalled; but they would be absolutely removed off the system. This is not possible by the standard programs for cleaning, which restricts themselves only to uninstall the programs, but the files still remain in the hard disk; hidden and capturing space. All the oversized and unnecessary archived files that you don’t need any longer, can be found and removed permanently with this software.

What it offers?

It does many things for your Mac system, but the primary things that it offers you are;

  • Tidying up your entire hard disk and freeing the much needed space on it
  • Wiping clear the logs, caches and the leftover files from the uninstalled applications
  • Emptying and erasing trash folders on your system
  • Optimizing the program loading time of your system by removing all the unnecessary data and applications
  • The intuitive interface of the program is pretty clear to allow the user to do the job with utmost ease

Hence, picking up Movavi would always be the right choice. Take it, use it and experience the performance on your Mac.




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