Car Wash Girl

When Summer was young, my husband was wondering when  she’s  going to help him wash the car.  He wanted it to be like a family event.  It is not an easy task.  It is tedious. So the more helping hands the better.  It is also a good venue to bond together as a family and teach my daughter the value of cleanliness.  More importantly, teach her how to save money.  Here, a good car wash is really expensive.  It ranges from 350 to 1,500 baht depending on whatever premiums you want to get.  Even if we have it washed for only twice a week, that is already 600 to 3,000 baht off the budget.  We would rather use it to buy food and/or spend it on gas, and drive around, which we LOVE to do.

So instead of going to the car wash, here is Summer, helping her Papa wash the car.  She loves it.  Her task is to wash the soap off by spraying water.  She likes it.  She likes even more when she gets soaked.  I don’t know the explanation behind kids liking to get soaked.  When I was young I do my own laundry, I like it when my entire arms are soaked in soap and water (we did not have a washing machine then).

For me kids, even at an early age, should be given responsibilities.  Ones that they are capable of doing of course.  Otherwise, instead of inculcating the value of  being responsible she will grow up just the opposite because she can not do the task and ends up frustrated. This way she will feel good about herself for accomplishing something.  This will be able to practice her ability to make decisions. This will also develop her psychomotor skills.

Generally, this is a very good learning experience for Summer.

Can you  suggest of other responsibilities kids like Summer can handle?  Just leave your ideas below.

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12 thoughts on “Car Wash Girl

  1. I appreciate your style and ease to deal with this issue? A full article on which I will undoubtedly support for my next article. Regards, Roger.

  2. I agree that we should teach our children to be responsible. Actually, for me doing a light household chores or any activities with my kids are sort of our bonding moments–cleaning the table and washing the dishes, cleaning their room, and yeah, like what Irene said, folding the clothes.

    Just like Nova mentioned, I also gave my kids simple prizes–P1.00 a day if they could maintain the cleanliness of their room. Now that I think of it, it has been months since I gave them their last reward, but they still clean their room, it becomes a habit for them.

  3. Oooh I remember hating washing the car the most when I was a kid. I’ll do anything else, sweep the floor, mop, wash the dishes, laundry, but not car washing! I get that OCD feeling that it has gotten around so much, went to so many places, I dare not touch it even with soap and water!

  4. I agree with sis Pepper, in addition to her suggestions you could make her arrange her bed, clean up her toys and accompany you in cooking and preparing the table.

    If she’s already attending school, you could give her weekly/monthly allowance, so at an early age she will learn how to budget, use her money wisely and not indulge on instant gratification like candies, small toys etc. I got this tip from a homemaking booklet I read.

  5. Fold clothes. My daughter loves helping me do it. I agree that we should teach them how to be responsible kids at an early age. The formative years is during their preschool years. =)

    1. I think it depends on how we explain things to them. Sometimes we can not do it ourselves because there are other more important things to do. So we can still teach them how to set their priorities. There are so many adults nowadays who do not know how to set their priorities right.

  6. Exactly! Kids should be taught the value of responsibility even at an early age. Household chores are a great way for them to put this to practice. Simple tasks such as putting away the dishes or folding the laundry are ok.

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