The Wonders of Photoshop

I came across an article about how to look good in your photos.  One of the factors mentioned was wear make-up.  I was thinking, yeah, probably 10 years ago.  People then have to wear tons of concealer to hide away skin blemishes, and  put on heavy blush-on to add color to the cheeks.  But with the advent of digital imaging and photoshop, this is no longer a problem. You can just pose anywhere and everywhere you fancy at anytime of the day wearing no make up at all and still look good in your photos.  Thanks to photoshop!
Below, I will show you a before and after photo of me with my little Derick.  This was taken by my husband using a Canon 550D DSLR camera with a Canon 24-105 f4 lens on a very humid, sunny afternoon. Before it was photoshopped (picture 1) you can see tons of moles and freckles. But after it was photoshopped (picture 2), voila!! my skin looks good.
Picture 1
Picture 2

This is done to photos of models and celebrities.  Before, I was so amazed at how flawless and perfect their skin looks on photos. I can even remember asking how in the world were they able to attain such a beautiful skin. Its as if being a celebrity would automatically give you a perfect skin.  Now, I know their not perfect after all..just like me.