I.  Dream CakeI dream of a cake.
In my sleep,
a mouth-watering cake
I bake.I dream of a cake.
In my sleep,
a cake I eat.
But to my chagrin,
the cake pulverized like ruins.

II.  Train chant
(to the tune of rain, rain go away)

Train, Train
please be here
help me carry
this heavy gear.

Train, train
please be here
little ______(mention a name)
wants to flee.

III. Table
(you are welcome to create your own combination of claps)

T-A-B-L-E (2x)
My table
It’s stable
It’s able
to handle
my most precious
vendible valuables.

IV. Stars Chant

Stars are 1 billion years old.
They are big.
They are bright.
They are heavy and hot.

V.   Cake chant

Cake, cake
Cake I bake
Cake on my palate
Cake we partake
Cake oh in my tummy